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+       Eaton DC/DC Selection Guide -- Martek Military Grade

Linked Part Numbers Available From Stock Pricing and Specification subject to change without notification.
Watts   Series S,D,T* Size Part Number Hyper Link Purchase Inventory
-Y- Suffix RoHS-1 Compliant 6/6
1 100fs 100FS S,D SIP
Data Sheet
105S5FS-Y 109S5FS-Y 112S5FS-Y 115S5FS 115S5FS-Y
105S12FS 105S12FS-Y 112S12FS-Y 105D5FS-Y 112D5FS-Y
115D5FS 115D5FS-Y 112D12FS-Y 115D12FS 115D12FS-Y
1 100HFS 100HFS S,D Mini SIP
Data Sheet
105S5HFS-Y 109S5HFS-Y 112S5HFS-Y 115S5HFS-Y 105S12HFS
105S12HFS-Y 109S12HFS 109S12HFS-Y 112S12HFS-Y 115S12HFS
115S12HFS-Y 105S24HFS-Y 109S24-HFS-Y 112S24HFS-Y 112S24HFS-Y
115S24HFS 115S24HFS-Y 105D5HFS-Y 109D5HFS 109D5HFS-Y
112D5HFS 112D5HFS-Y 115D5HFS-Y 105D12HFS-Y 109D12HFS-Y
112D12HFS-Y 115D12HFS-Y 105D24HFS 105D24HFS-Y 109D24HFS
109D24HFS-Y 112D24HFS-Y 115D24HFS-Y  
1 100VFS 100VFS S,D Mini SIP
Data Sheet
103S5VFS 103S5VFS-Y 105S5VFS-Y 109S5VFS 109S5VFS-Y
112S5VFS 112S5VFS-Y 115S5VFS 115S5VFS-Y 103S12VFS-Y
105S12VFS-Y 109S12VFS 109S12VFS-Y 112S12VFS 112S12VFS-Y
115S12VFS 115S12VFS-Y 103S24VFS-Y 105S24VFS-Y 109S24VFS-Y
112S24VFS 112S24VFS-Y 115S24VFS-Y 105D5VFS 105D5VFS-Y
109D5VFS-Y 112D5VFS 112D5VFS-Y 115D5VFS-Y 105D12VFS-Y
109D12VFS 109D12VFS-Y 112D12VFS-Y 115D12VFS-Y 105D24VFS-Y
109D24VFS 109D24VFS-Y 112D24VFS 112D24VFS-Y 115D24VFS-Y
1 100WFS 100WFS S,D SMT
Data Sheet
103S5WFS-Y 105S5WFS-Y 109S5WFS 109S5WFS-Y 112S5WFS-Y
115S5WFS-Y 105S12WFS-Y 109S12WFS-Y 112S12WFS-Y 115S12WFS-Y
105D5WFS-Y 109D5WFS 109D5WFS-Y 112D5WFS-Y 115D5WFS-Y
105D12WFS-Y 109D12WFS-Y 112D12WFS-Y 115D12WFS-Y  
1.5 100VFI 100VFI S,D 24 Pin-Dip
Data Sheet
105S5VFI-Y 112S5VFI-Y 115S5VFI-Y 105S12VFI-Y 112S12VFI-Y
115S12VFI 115S12VFI-Y 105S15VFI-Y 115S15VFI-Y 105D5VFI-Y
112D5VFI-Y 115D5VFI-Y 105D12VFI 105D12VFI-Y 112D12VFI
112D12VFI-Y 105D15VFI 105D15VFI-Y 112D15VFI-Y 115D15VFI-Y
1.8   200FS S,D In-Line
Data Sheet
205S5FS 209S5FS 212S5FS 215S5FS 205S12FS
212S12FS 205D5FS 212D5FS 215D5FS-Y 212D12FS
2 200FR 200FR S,D 24 Pin-Dip
Data Sheet
205S5FR-Y 212S5FR-Y 215S5FR-Y 205S12FR-Y 212S12FR-Y
215S12FR 215S12FR-Y 205S24FR-Y 212S24FR-Y 215S24FR
215S24FR-Y 205S48FR-Y 212S48FR 212S48FR-Y 215S48FR
215S48FR-Y 212D5FR 212D5FR-Y 215D5FR-Y 212D12FR-Y
215D12FR-Y 212D24FR 215D24FR-Y 212D48FR 212D48FR-Y
215D48FR 215D48FR-Y  
2   200HFR S,D 24 Pin-Dip
Data Sheet
205S5HFR 212S5HFR-Y 215S5HFR 215S5HFR-Y 205S12HFR-Y
205S12HFR 212S12HFR-Y 212S12HFR 212S24HR-Y 212S24HFR
215D5HFR-Y 212D5HFR 212D5HFR-Y 212D12HFR-Y 212D24HFR-Y
2 200HFS 200HFS S,D SIP
Data Sheet
203S5HFS-Y 205S5HFS-Y 212S5HFS-Y 215S5HFS-Y 203S12HFS-Y
205S12HFS-Y 212S12HFS-Y 215S12HFS 215S12HFS-Y 212S24HFS
212S24HFS-Y 215S24HFS-Y 205D5HFS-Y 212D5HFS-Y 215D5HFS-Y
205D5HFS-Y 212D5HFS-Y 215D12HFS-Y 205D12HFS 205D12HFS-Y
212D12HFS-Y 215D12HFS-Y 205D24HFS-Y 212D24HFS-Y 215D24HFS-Y
2 200lfr 200LFR S,D 16 Pin Dip
Data Sheet
203V3S5LFR-Y 205S5LFR-Y 212S5LFR-Y 215S5LFR-Y 203V3S12LFR-Y
205S12LFR-Y 212S12LFR-Y 215S12LFR-Y 203V3S24LFR-Y 205S24LFR-Y
212S24LFR-Y 215S24LFR-Y 203V3S48LFR-Y 205S48LFR-Y 212S48LFR-Y
215S48LFR-Y 205D5LFR-Y 212D5LFR-Y 215D5LFR-Y 205D12LFR-Y
212D12LFR-Y 215D12LFR-Y 205D24LFR-Y 212D24LFR-Y 215D24LR-Y
205D48LFR-Y 212D48LFR-Y 215D48LFR-Y  
2 200ufr  200UFR S,D SIP
Data Sheet
203S24UFR-Y 205S24UFR-Y 212S24UFR-Y 215S24UFR-Y 203S48UFR-Y
205S48UFR-Y 212S48UFR-Y 215S48UFR-Y 205D24UFR-Y 212D24UFR-Y
215D24UFR-Y 205D48UFR-Y 212D48UFR-Y 215D48UFR-Y  
2 200vfi  200VFI S,D 1.25 x 0.80
Data Sheet
205S5VFI-Y 212S5VFI-Y 215S5VFI-Y 205S12VFI-Y 212S12VFI-Y
215S12VFI-Y 205S24VFI-Y 212S24VFI-Y   205D5VFI-Y
212D5VFI-Y 215D5VFI-Y 205D12VFI-Y 212D12VFI-Y 215D12VFI-Y
205D24VFI-Y 212D24VFI-Y 215D24VFI-Y  
2 200wfr  200WFR S 0.86  x 0.36
Data Sheet
203S5WFR-Y 205S5WFR-Y 212S5WFR-Y 203S12WFR-Y 205S12WFR-Y
212S12WFR-Y 203S24WFR-Y 205S24WFR-Y 212S24WFR-Y 203S48WFR-Y
205S48WFR-Y 212S48WFR-Y  
2 200wfs  200WFS S,D SMT
Data Sheet
205S5WFS-Y 212S5WFS-Y 205S12WFS-Y 212S12WFS-Y 212S24WFS-Y
205D5WFS-Y 212D5WFS-Y 215D5WFS-Y 212D12WFS-Y 215D12WFS-Y
212D24WFS-Y 215D24WFS-Y  
3   300HFR S,D 24 Pin-Dip
Data Sheet
315S5HFR-Y 315S12HFR 315S12HFR-Y 315D12HFR-Y  
315D24HFR 315D24HFR-Y  
3 300WFR 300WFR S,D 24 Pin-Dip
Data Sheet
303S5WFR 303S5WFR-Y 305S5WFR -Y 312S5WFR-Y 315S5WFR
315S5WFR-Y 303S12WFR-Y 305S12WFR-Y 312S12WFR-Y 315S12WFR
315S12WFR-Y 303S24WFR-Y 305S24WFR-Y 312S24WFR-Y 315S24WFR
315S24WFR-Y 305S28WFR-A1 303S48WFR-Y 305S48WFR-Y 312S48WFR
312S48WFR-Y 315S48WFR 315S48WFR-Y 305D5WFR-Y 312D5WFR
312D5WFR 315D5WFR-Y 305D12WFR-Y 312D12WFR-Y 312D12WFR-A1
315D12WFR-Y 305D24WFR-Y 312D24WFR-Y 315D24WFR-Y 305D48WFR-Y
312D48WFR-Y 315D48WFR-Y
3 300WFS 300WFS S,D SMT
Data Sheet
303S12WFS-Y 305S12WFS-Y 312S12WFS-Y 315S12WFS-Y 303S24WFS-Y
305S24WFS-Y 312S24WFS-Y 315S24WFS-Y 303S48WFS 303S48WFS-Y
305S48WFS-Y 312S48WFS-Y 315S48WFS-Y 305D12WFS-Y 312D12WFS-Y
315D12WFS-Y 305D24WFS-Y 312D24WFS-Y 315D24WFS-Y 305D48WFS-Y
312D48WFS 312D48WFS-Y 315D48WFS-Y  
3 300XFR 300XFR S,D 24 Pin-Dip
Data Sheet
305S5XFR-Y 312S5XFR 312S5XFR-Y 315S5XFR-Y 305S12XFR
305S12XFR-Y 312S12XFR-Y 315S12XFR 315S12XFR-Y 305S24XFR-Y
312S24XFR 312S24XFR-Y 315S24XFR-Y 305S48XVF-Y 312S48XFR-Y
315S48XFR-Y 312D5XFR-Y 315D5XFR-Y 312D12XFR 312D12XFR-Y
315D12XFR-Y 312D24XFR-Y   312D24XFR-Y 315D48XFR-Y
5 500HFR 500HFR S,D 24 Pin-Dip
Data Sheet
503S24HFR 503S24HFR-Y 505S24HFR-Y 512S24HFR-Y 515S24HFR-Y
503S48HFR-Y 505S48HFR-Y 512S48HFR 512S48HFR-Y 515S48HFR-Y
505D24HFR-Y 512D24HFR-Y 515D24HFR 515D24HFR-Y 505D48HFR-Y
512D48HFR-Y 515D48HFR-Y  
5   500UFR S,D 2 x 2
Data Sheet
512S24UFR 512S24UFR-Y 515S24UFR 515S24UFR 509S48UFR
509S48UFR-Y 512S48UFR-Y 515S48UFR 515S48UFR-Y 512D48UFR-Y
5 500WFR 500WFR S,D 24 Pin-Dip
Data Sheet-Single
Data Sheet-Dual
503S5WFR-M-Y 505S5WFR-M-Y 512S5WFR-M-Y 515S5WFR-M -Y 505S12WFR-H
505S12WFR-Y 512S12WFR-Y 515S12WFR-Y 515S12WFR-H 503S24WFR-Y
505S24WFR-Y 505S24WFR-M 512S24WFR-Y 515S24WFR-Y 515S24WFR-H
503S48WFR-Y 505S48WFR-Y 512S48WFR 512S48WFR-Y 505D5WFR-M-Y
505D12WFR-Y 512D5WFR-M-Y 515D5WFR-M-Y 512D12WFR-Y 512D12WFR-M-Y
505D24WFR 505D24WFR-Y 505D24WFR-M 512D24WFR-Y 515D24WFR-Y
515D24WFR-H 515D24WFR-Y 505D48WFR-Y 512D48WFR 512D48WFR-Y
515D48WFR-Y 515D48WFR-H 515D48WFR-M 515D12WFR-Y  
10 1000wfr  1000WFR S,D 2 x 2
Data Sheet
1005S12WFR-Y 1009S12WFR 1012S12WFR 1015S12WFR 1005S24WFR
1009S24WFR 1012S24WFR-Y 1015S24WFR 1005S48WFR 1009S48WFR
1012D12WFR 1015D24WFR-Y 1012D48WFR 1015D48WFR  
10 1000XFR 1000XFR S 1.25 x 0.80
Data Sheet
1002V5S24XFR-Y 1003V3S24XFR-Y 1005S24XFR-Y 1012S24XFR-Y 1002V5S48XFR-Y
1003V3S48XFR-Y 1005S48XFR-Y 1012S48XFR-Y  
15 1500ufr  1500UFR S,D 1 x 2
Data Sheet
15033S24UFR-Y 1505S24UFR-Y 15051S24UFR-Y 1512S24UFR-Y 1515S24UFR-Y 
15033S48UFR-Y 1505S48UFR-Y 15051S48UFR-Y 1512S48UFR-Y 1515S48UFR-Y  
1505D24UFR-Y 1512D24UFR-Y 1515D24UFR-Y  1505D48UFR-Y 15152D48UFR-Y
15 1500wfr  1500WFR S,D 1 x 2
Data Sheet
1505S24WFR 1512S24WFR 1515S24WFR 1505S48WFR 1512S48WFR
1515S48WFR 1512D24WFR 1515D24WFR 1512D48WFR 1515D48WFR
20 2000WFR 2000WFR S,D 1 x 2
Data Sheet
2003S12WFR-Y 2005S12WFR-Y 2012S12WFR-Y  2015S12-Y  2003S24WFR-Y 
2005S24WFR-Y 2012S24WFR-Y  2015S24WFR-Y  2003S48WFR-Y  2005S48WFR-Y 
2012S48WFR-Y  2015S48WFR-Y  2012D12WFR-Y  2015D12WFR-Y  2012D24WFR-Y 
2015D24WFR-Y  2012D48WFR-Y  2015D48WFR-Y   
25 to 30 3000WFR 3000WFR S,D,T 2 x 2
Data Sheet
3003S12WFR 3005S12WFR 3012S12WFR 3015S12WFR 3003S24WFR
3005S24WFR   3015S24WFR 3003S48WFR 3005S48WFR
3012S48WFR 3015S48WFR 3005D12WFR 3012D12WFR 3015D12WFR
3005D24WFR 3012D24WFR 3015D24WFR 3005D48WFR 3012D48WFR
3015D48WFR 3005/12T12WFR 3005/15T12WFR 3005/12T24WFR 3005/15T24WFR
3005/12T48WFR 3005/15T48WFR 3005S12WFR-Y  
*S=Single, D=Dual, T=Triple