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EatonSure Power Discontinued (Formerly CDI, Martek Power)

Watts Data Sheet Series Pricing and Specifications subject to change without notification.    
.5 PDF  50 Series 55S5
1 PDF 100 Series 105S5, 112S5, 115S5, 115S24, 115S28, 112S12, 115S12, 112S18, 115S18, 112S24, 112S48, 115S48, 105D5, 105D24, 105D48
1 PDF 100FR Series 115S5FR, 112S12FR, 115D12FR, 105S5FR, 112S5FR, 112D5FR, 115D5FR, 105S12FR, 115S12FR, 115D12FR
2 PDF 200 Series 205S12, 212D5-B1, 212D12-B1, 212D24, 205S5, 212S5, 215S5, 205S18, 205S24, 205S8, 205S48, 212S12, 212S18, 212S24, 212S28, 212S48, 212D5, 215D15, 212D12, 212D18, 212D28, 212D48
2 PDF 200E Series 205S12E, 205S5E, 205S24E, 205S28E, 205S48E, 212D5E, 212D12E, 212D24E, 212D28E, 212D48E
2 PDF 200F/200FA 209S12F, 209S12FA, 209S5F, 209S5FA
2 PDF 200FSR Series 209S5FSR, 215S5FSR, 205S12FSR, 215D5FSR, 212D12FSR, 215D12FSR
2 PDF 200HI Series 212D24HI, 205S5HI, 212S5HI, 215S5HI, 205S12HI, 212S12HI, 205S18HI, 212S18HI, 205S24HI, 212S24HI,205S28HI, 212S28HI, 205S48HI, 212S48HI, 212D5HI, 215D5HI, 212D12HI, 212D18HI, 212D28HI, 212D48HI
2 PDF 200I Series 209S5I, 209S12I, 205/10D5I, 205/10D12I
3 PDF 300 Series 315S24, 315D24-B1, 315S12, 315S18, 315S28, 315S48, 315D12, 315D18, 315D24, 315D28, 315D48
3 PDF 300E Series 312S5E-D1, 315S12E, 312S5E, 315S5E, 312S12E, 315S123, 312S24E, 315S24E, 312S28E, 315S28E, 312S48E, 315S48E, 315D5E, 315D12E, 315D24E, 315D28E, 315D48E
3 PDF 300FR Series 305S12FR, 315S12FR, 312S24FR, 315S24FR-Y, 312S48FR, 315S48FR, 315D5FR-Y, 312D12FR, 315D12FR-Y, 315D48FR
3 PDF 300HI Series 315S12HI, 315S18HI, 315S24HI, 315S248HI, 315S48HI, 315D12HI, 315D18HI, 315D24HI, 315D28HI, 315D48HI
3 PDF 300UR Series 312D12UR, 305D28UR, 315D28UR, 312S12UR, 315S12UR, 305S28UR, 312S28UR, 315S28UR,305D12UR,  312D12UR, 315D12UR,  305D28UR, 312D28UR,  315D28UR
5   500 Series 512S5D1,515S5D1,505S12, 515S12, 512S28, 512D5. 515D5, 515D24, 512D28, 505D48, 505S5, 512S5  512S12,  505S18, 515S18, 505S24, 512S24, 515S24, 515S28, 505S48, 512S48, 505D12, 512D12, 505D18, 512D18, 515D18, 512D18, 512D24,  505D28, 512D48, 515D48
5 PDF 500E Series 505S5E, 505S12E-A1, 505S48E, 512S5E, 515S5E, 505S12E, 512S12E, 515S12E, 505S24E, 512S24E, 515S24E, 505S28E, 512S28E, 512S48E, 515S48E, 512D5E, 515D5E, 512D12E, 515D12E, 512D24E, 515D24E, 512D28E, 515D28E, 512D48E, 515D48E
5 PDF 500UR Series 505S36UR, 505S20UR, 512S20UR, 515S20UR, 505S36UR, 512S36UR, 515S36UR, 505D20UR, 512D20UR, 515D20UR, 505D36UR, 512D36UR, 515D36UR
5   500URD Series 505S24URD, 512S24URD-Y, 515D24URD, 512D48URD, 512S24URD-Y, 515S24URD-Y, 505S48URD-Y, 512S48URD-Y, 515S48URD-Y, 505D24URD-Y, 512D24URD-Y, 505D48URD-Y, 515D48URD-Y
6 PDF 600H Series 615D28H, 612D48H, 605D5H, 612D5H, 615D5H, 605D12H, 612D2H, 615D12H, 605D18H, 612D18H, 615D18H, 605D24H, 612D24H, 615D24H, 605D28H, 612D28H, 605D48H, 615D48H
7.5 PDF 700PW Series 712S24PW, 715S24PW, 705S48PW, 712D12PW, 705S12PW, 712S12PW, 715S12PW, 705S24PW, 712S48PW, 715S48PW, 705D12PW, 715D12PW, 705D24PW, 712D24PW, 715D24PWK, 705D48PW, 712D48PW, 715D48PW
8 PDF 800 Series 812S24, 815D24, 805/12T24, 805S12, 812S12, 815S12, 805S24, 815S24, 805S48, 812S48, 815S48, 805D12, 812D12, 815D12, 812D24, 815D24, 805D48, 812D48, 815D48, 805/12T12, 805/15T12, 805/15T24, 805/12T48, 805/15T48
9 PDF 900H Series 905S12H, 905S24H, 905S5H, 912S5H, 915S5H, 912S12H, 915S12H, 905S18H, 912S18H, 915S18H, 912S24H, 915S24H, 905S28H, 912S48H, 915S28H, 905S48H, 912S48H, 915S48H
10 PDF 1000FPW Series 1024S12FPW, 1012S24FPW, 1015S24FPW, 1024S24FPW, 1005S48FPW, 1015S48FPW, 1024S48FPW, 1012D12FPW, 1012D24FPW, 1015D24FPW-Y, 1005D48FPW, 1015D48FPW
10   1000HN Series 1005S12HN-Y, 1005S12HN-R, 1012S12HN-R, 1015S12HN, 1015S12HN-R, 1003S24HN, 1012S24HN, 1015S48HN, 1012D12HN, 1015D12HN, 1015D24HN, 1005D48HN, 1003S12HN,1012S12HN, 1005S24HN, 1015S24HN, 1003S48HN, 1005S48HN, 1012S48HN, 1005D12HN, 1005D24HN, 1012D24HN, 1012D48HN, 1015D48HN
10   1000LNB Series 1005D5LNB-YE, 1003S5LNB, 1005S5LNB, 1012S5LNB, 1015S5LNB, 1005S12LNB, 1012S12LNB, 1015S12LNB, 1003S24LNB, 1005S2LNB, 1012S24LNB, 1015S24LNB,
1012D5LNB, 1015D5LNB, 1005D12LNB, 1012D12LNB, 1012D12LNB, 1005D24LNB, 1012D24LNB, 1015D24LNB
8 PDF 1100 Series 1105/15T24, 1105S12, 1112S12, 1115S12, 1105S24, 1112S24, 1115S24, 1105S48, 1112S48, 1115S48, 1105D12, 1112D12, 1115D12, 1105D24, 1112D24, 1115D24, 1105D48, 1112D48, 1115D48,, 1105/12T12, 1105/1512, 1105/12T24, 1105/12T48, 1105/15T48
12   1200H Series 1212D5H, 1205D12H, 1205D24H, 1212D24H, 1215D28H, 1205D5H, 1215D5H, 1212D12H, 1215D12H, 1205D18H, 1212D18H, 1215D18H, 1215D24H, 1205D28H, 1212D28H, 1205D48H, 1212D48H, 1215D48H
15   1500 Series 1505S12-A1, 1515S12-A1, 1505S24-A1, 1505S48, 1505D12-A1, 1515D12, 1515D24, 1512D48, 1512D48-X, 1505/15T48, 1512S12, 1515S12, 1505S24, 1512S24, 1515S24, 1512S48, 1515S48, 1505D12, 1512D12, 1505D24, 1512D24, 1505D48, 1515D48, 1505/12T12, 1505/12T24, 1505/15T12, 1505/15T24, 150512T48,
15   1500HN Series 1515S24HN, 1515S24HN-R, 1505S48HN-R, 1512S48HN, 1512S48HN-R, 1515S48HN, 1512D12HN, 1505D24HN-R, 1505D48HN, 1512D48HN-R, 1515D48HN1503S12HN, 1505S12HN, 1512S12HN, 1515S12HN, 1503S24HN, 1505S24HN, 1512S24HN,  1503S48HN, 1505S48HN, 1505D12HN, 1515D12HN, 1505D24HN, 1512D24HN, 1515D24HN, 1512D48HN
15   1500LN Series 1505S48LN-91, 1512S48LN-91, 512S48LN-91, 1502V0S48LN, 1503V3S48LN, 1505S48LN, 1512S48LN, 1515S48LN, 1505D48LN, 1512D48LN, 1515D48LN
    1500UR Series 1512S36UR, 1505D20UR, 1503S20UR, 1505S20UR, 1512S20UR, 1515S20UR, 1503S36UR, 1515S36UR, 1512D20UR, 1515D20UR, 1505D36UR, 1512D36UR, 1515D36UR
16 PDF 1600 Series 1605S12, 1603S24(LV), 1612S24-X, 1615D12, 1605D24-X, 1612D24-XA, 1605/15T12, 1605/15T-24-A2-X, 1612S12, 1615S12, 1605S24, 1612S24, 1615S24, 1605S48, 1612S48, 1615S48, 1605D12, 1612D12, 1605D24, 1612D24, 1615D24, 1605D48, 1612D48, 1615D48, 1605/12T12, 1605/12T24, 1605/15T24, 1605/12T48, 1605/15T48
16 PDF 1600-A3 Series 1612S5-A3, 1603S5-A3, 1605S5-A3, 1615S5-A3, 1605D5-A3, 1612D5-A3, 1615D5-A3, 1605/12T5-A3, 1605/15T5-A3
16 PDF 1800 Series 1805S28, 1812S28, 1815S28, 1805D28, 1812D28, 1815D28, 1805/12T28, 1805/15T28
20 PDF 2000 Series 2005S12, 2005S24, 2005S48, 2006S12, 2006S24, 2006S48, 2012S12, 2012S24, 2012S48, 2015S12, 2015S24, 2015S48, 2012D12, 2012D24, 2012D48, 2015D12, 2015D24, 2015D48, 2005/12T12, 2005/12T24, 2005/12T48, 2005/15T12, 2005/15T24, 2005/15T48
20 PDF 2000SN Series 2005S48SN-RT, 2005S48SN, 2003V3S48SN, 2002V5S48SN, 2002V0S48SN, 2001V8S48SN, 2001V5S48SN
    2100 Series 2112S12, 2112S24, 2112S24-A1-X, 2115S24-X, 2105D12, 2115D12-A1, 2112D24, 2115D24, 2105/15T12, 2105/15T24-X, 2105S12, 2115S12, 2105S24, 2115S24, 2105S48, 2112S48, 2115S48, 2112D12,
2115D12, 2105D24, 2105D48, 2112D48, 2115D48, 2105/12T12, 210512/T24, 2105/15T24, 2105/12T48, 2105/15T48
25   2500 Series 2505S24, 2515D12, 2512D24, 2505S12, 2506S12, 2512S12, 2515S12, 2506S24, 2512S24, 2515S24, 2505S48, 2506S48, 2512S48, 2515S48, 2505D12, 2512D12, 2505D24, 2515D24, 2505D48, 2512D48, 2512D48, 2515D48, 2505/12T12, 2505/15T12, 2505/15T24, 2505/12T24, 2505/12T48, 2505/15T48
25   2500HN Series 2505S12HN, 2515S12HN, 2505S24HN, 2512S24HN, 2503S48HN, 2512S48HN-H, 2512D12HN, 2515D12HN, 2505D48HN,2505/15T48HN, 2503S12HN, 2512S12HN, 2503S24HN, 2515S24HN,  2505S48HN, 2512S48HN,
2515S48HN, 2505D12HN, 2505D24HN, 2512D24HN, 2515D24HN, 2512D48HN, 2515D48HN, 2505/12T12HN, 2505/15T12HN, 2505/12T24HN, 2505/15T24HN, 2505/12T48HN
25   2500LN Series  2512S48LN, 2502V0S48LN, 2505V5S48LN, 2503V3S48LN, 2505S48LN, 2515S48LN, 2505D48LN, 2512D48LN, 2515D48LN
25 PDF 2500RW Series 2505/15T72RW, 2503S72RW, 2505S72RW, 2512S72RW, 2515S72RW, 2512D72RW, 2515D72RW, 2005/12T72RW
27 PDF 2700HN Series 2703/2P12HN, 2075/3P12HN, 2703/2N12HN, 2705/3N12HN, 2703/2P48HN, 2705/3P48HN, 2703/2N48HN, 2705/3N48HN
    3000 LP Series 3005S12, 3005S24-G1, 3005S24-G1, 3012S24-G, 13015S24, 3005S48, 3015D24, 3015D48, 3015D48, 3005/12T24, 3005/15T24-G1, 3012S12, 3015S12, 3005S24, 3012S24, 3012S48, 3015S48, 3005D12, 3012D12, 3005D24, 3015D12, 3012D24, 3005D48, 3012D48, 3005/12T12, 3005/15T12, 3005/15T24, 3005/12T48, 3005/15T48
30 PDF 3000UR Series 3005/12T24UR, 3003S24UR, 3005S24UR, 3012S24UR, 3015S24UR, 3003S48UR, 3005S48UR, 3012S48UR, 3015S48UR, 3005D24UR, 3012D24UR, 3015D24UR, 3005D48UR, 3012D48UR, 3015D48UR, 3005/15T24UR, 3005/12T48UR, 3005/15T48UR
40   4000HN Series 4005S12HN, 4012S12HN, 4015S12HN, 4015S48HN, 4005D12HN, 4005D48HN, 4015D48HN, 4005/15T12HN, 4005/15T24HN-H, 4005/12T48HN, 4005/15T48HN, 4003S12HN, 4003S24HN, 4005S24HN, 4012S24HN, 4015S24HN, 4003S48HN, 4005S48HN, 4012S48HN, 4012D12HN, 4015D12HN, 4005D24HN, 4012D24HN, 4015D24HN, 4012D48HN, 4005/12T12HN, 4005/12T24HN, 4005/15T24HN
60 PDF 6000 Series 6012S12-L, 6005S48-L, 6012D24-L, 6012D48-L, 6012D48-LC, 6005/12T12-L, 6005/12T12-LC, 6005/15T24-LC, 6005/12T48-L, 6005S12, 6012S12, 6015S2, 6005S24,6012S24, 6015S24, 6005S48, 6012S48, 6015S48, 6005D12, 6012D12, 6015D12, 6005D24, 6012D24, 6015D24, 6005D48, 6012D48, 6015D48, 6005/12T12, 6005/15T12, 6005/12T24, 6005/15T24, 6005/12T48, 6005/15T48
60 PDF 6000UR Series 6003S24UR, 6015S24UR, 6012D24UR, 6015D24UR, 6005S24UR, 6012S24UR, 6003S48UR, 6005S48UR, 6012S48UR, 6015S48UR, 6005D24UR, 6005D48UR, 6012D48UR, 6015D48UR, 6005/12T24UR, 6005/15T24UR, 6005/12T48UR, 6005/15T48UR
    Military Grade  
    AA AA85-01
2   B Series 28 VDC to DC B02D-9.9A, B02D-12.3A, 02D13.8A, B02D-15.75A, B02D-17.6A, B02D-24.7A, B02D-27.6A, B02D-38.7A, B02D-43.3A, B02D-63A, B02D-79A, B02D-88A, B02D-157A, B02D-220A, B02D-387A, B02D-486A
5 B05D-9.9A, B05D-12.3A, B05D-13.8A, B05D-15.7A, B05D-17.6A, B05D-24.7A, B05D-27.6A, B05D-38.7A, B05D-43.3A, B05D-63A, B05D-79A, B05D-88A, B05D-157A, B05D-220A, B05D-387A, B05D-486A
10 B1D-38.7A, B1D-43.3A, B1D-63A, B1D-79A, B1D-88A, B1D-157A, B1D-220A, B1D-387A, B1D-486A
20 B2D-38.7A, B2D-43.3A, B2D-63A, B2D-79A, B2D-88A, B2D-157A, B2D-220A, B2D-387A, B2D-486A
30 B3D-63A, B3D-79A, B3D-88A, B3D-157A, B3D-220A, B3D-387A, B3D-486A
50 B5D-157A, B5D-220A, B5D-387A, B5D-486A
2   BL Series 28 VDC to DC BL02D-5A, BL02D-5.6A, BL02D-6.3A
5 BL05D-5A, BL05D-5.6A, BL05D-6.3A  
10 BL1D-5A, BL1D-5.6A, BL1D-6.3A, BL1D-9.9A, BL1D-12.3A, BL1D-13.8A, BL1D-15.7A, BL1D-17.6A, BL1D-24.7A, BL1D-27.6A
30 BL2D-5A, BL2D-5.6A, BL2D-6.3A, BL2D-9.9A, BL2D-12.3A, BL2D-13.8A, BL2D-15.7A, BL2D-17.6A, BL2D-24.7A, BL2D-27.6A
30 BL3D-5A, BL3D-5.6A, BL3D-6.3A, BL3D-9.9A, BL3D-12.3A, BL3D-13.8A, BL3D-15.7A, BL3D-17.6A, BL3D-24.7A, BL3D-27.6A, BL3D-38.7A, BL3D-43.3A
50 BL5D-5A, BL5D-5.6A, 5L5D-6.3A, BL5D-9.9A, BL5D-12.3A, BL5D-13.8A, BL5D-15.7A, BL5D-17.6A, BL5D-24.7A, BL5D-27.6A, BL5D-38.7A, BL5D-43.3A, BL5D-63A, BL5D-79A, BL5D-88A
100 BL10D-9.9A, BL10D-12.3A, BL10D-13.8A, BL10D-15.7A, BL10D-17.6A, BL10D-24.7A, BL10D-27.6A, BL10D-38.7A, BL10D-43.3A, BL10D-63A, BL10D-79A, BL10D-88A, BL10D-157A, BL10D-220A, BL10D-387A, BL10D-486A
170 BL17D-12.3A, BL17D-13.8A, BL17D-15.7A, BL17D-17.6A, BL17D-24.7A, BL17D-27.6A, BL17D-38.7A, BL17D-43.3A, BL17D-63A, BL17D-79A, BL17D-88A, BL17-157A, BL17D-220A, BL17D-387A, BL17D-486A
300   M300 Series 60 Hz to DC M300S/5-D, M300S/12-D, M300S/15-D, M300S/24-D, M300S/28-DM300T/5/12-D, M300T/5/12-D, M300T/5/15-D-7-ER
500   MH500 Series 60 Hz to DC  MH500S/5-DE, MH500S/13-DE, MH500S/15-DE, MH500S/24-DE, MH500S/28-DE, MH500S/28AEH-ER
    WL Series 400 Hz to DC WL5.3D-20, WL6.3D-20, WL12D-10, WL12D-20, WL15D-12, WL24D-7.5, WL24D-15, WL28D-10, WL28D-15
    WLL Series 400 Hz to DC WWL12-2.0, WWL15D-2.0  

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