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AMMilitary Grade Series AM Single & Triple

RM Series100% compatible and direct replacement.  AS Series not recommended for new design due to parts obsolescence.   

Military Grade Selection Guide Data Sheet Request for Stock Check & Pricing
Part Number
Part Number
Military Grade Enhanced Reliability
(ER options 26 weeks ARO)
Nominal Output Voltage Output Current
AM50S/5-A AM50S/5-A-ER 5 10A
AM50S/5.2-A AM50S/5.2-A-ER 5.2 9.62A
AM50S/12-A AM50S/12-A-ER 12 4.17A
AM50S/15-A AM50S/15-A-ER 15 3.33A
AM50S/24-A AM50S/24-A-ER 24 2.08A
AM50S-28-A AM50S-28-A-ER 28 1.79A
AM100S/5-A AM100S/5-A-ER 5 20A
AM100S/5.2-A AM100S/5.2-A-ER 5.2 19.23A
AM100S/12-A AM100S/12-A-ER 12 8.33A
AM100S/15-A AM100S/15-A-ER 15 6.67A
AM100S/24-A AM100S/24-A-ER 24 4.16A
AM100S/28-A AM100S/28-A-ER 28 3.57A
AM50T/5/12-A AM50T/5/12-A-ER 5/±12 7A/±0.63A
AM50T/5/15-A AM50T/5/15-A-ER 5/±15 7A/±0.50A
Minimum Buy and Set-Up Fee May Be Applicable