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CB30SMilitary Grade & Industrial Series CB30S Single

.38 Inch Profile
Remote Turn-On (TTL)
Output Over-Voltage Protection
Output Over-Current Protection
M Version-100% Environmental Screening
Output Voltage Trim
Environmental - Unscreened (I) or Screened (M)
Options Available:
  • "B" Pins Out Bottom of Unit
  • "C" Pins out Top of Unit
  • "D" Though Hole Inserts (.115 diameter)
  • "I"  M2.5 Inserts (STD 4-40 Inserts)


Environmental Screening
  M-Grade Environmental Screening   I-Grade Environmental Screening
  Stabilization Bake +125°C for 24 hours Similar to MIL-STD 883,
M1008.2, Condition B
  Burn-In 16 Hours @ +85°C min., with Vin=28Vdc and Output at Full Load
Final Testing  
  Temperature Cycling 10 Cycles -55°C to +125°C, (Transition Period 5°C/min.),
Similar to MIL-STD-883, M1010, Condition B
Burn-In 160 Hours @ +85°C min. with Vin=28Vdc & Output Full Load
  Final Testing        


Military Grade Selection Guide Data Sheet
Specifications subject to change without notification.
Single Output Models
Nominal Output Voltage (Volts) Output Current
Unscreened Industrial (I) Screened
Military Grade (M)
2 6.0 CB30SI/2-C CB30SM/2-C
3.3 6.0 CB30SI/3.3-C CB30SM/3.3-C
5 6.0 CB30SI/5-C CB30SM/5-C
5.2 5.8 CB30SI/5.2-C CB30SM/5.2-C
12 2.5 CB30SI/12-C CB30SM/12-C
15 2.0 CB30SI/15-C CB30SM/15-C
24 1.3 CB30SI/24-C CB30SM/24-C
28 1.1 CB30SI/28-C CB30SM/28-C