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nb15sMilitary Grade & Industrial Series NB15S

.38 Inch Profile
Output Over-Voltage Protection
Output Over-Current Protection
Remote Turn On (TTL)
Over-Temperature Protection
Output Voltage Trim Pin
Environmental - Unscreened (I) or Screened (M)
Options Available:
  • "A"-Pins Outside of Unit
  • "B"-Pins Out Bottom of Unit
  • "C"-Pins Out Top of Unit
  • "D"-Through Hole Inserts (STD threaded)
  • "I"-M2.5 Inserts
Environmental Screening
  M-Grade Environmental Screening   I-Grade Environmental Screening
  Stabilization Bake +125°C for 24 hours Similar to MIL-STD 883,
M1008.2, Condition B
  Burn-In 16 Hours @ +85°C min.
Final Testing  
  Temperature Cycling 10 Cycles -55°C to +125°C, (Transition Period 36 Minutes),
Similar to MIL-STD-883, M1010, Condition B
Burn-In 160 Hours @ +85°C min. 
  Final Testing        


Military Grade Selection Guide Data Sheet
Specifications subject to change without notification.
Nominal Output Voltage (Volts) Output Current
Industrial (I)
Military Grade (M)
2 3.0 NB15SI/2 NB15SM/2
3.3 3.0 NB15SI/3.3 NB15SM/3.3
5 3.0 NB15SI/5 NB15SM/5
5.2 2.9 NB15SI/5.2 NB15SM/5.2
12 1.25 NB15SI/12 NB15SM/12
15 1.0 NB15SI/15 NB15SM/15
NBF EMI Filter for Series NB15, NB30, NB45, & NB50