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LDC DIN Rail Switching Power Supply


Industrial Control
Instrumentation Equipment
General Part Number Input Voltage Output Voltage Output Current Redundancy
ldc120 120W
High Efficiency Up to 90%
Active PFC
Up to 60C Operating
Temperature w/No Derating
LDC120-24 120-240 VAC
(110-345 VDC)
24 VDC 5A No Oring Diode
LDC120-24P 24 VDC 5A Internal Oring Diode
LDC120-48 48 VDC 2.5A No Oring Diode
LDC120-48P 48 VDC 2.5A Internal Oring Diode
ldc240 240W
Up to 70C Operating
Temperature w/No Derating
Overload 150%
LDC240-12 120-240 VAC
(110-345 VDC)
12 VDC 15A  
LDC240-12P 12 VDC 15A Internal Oring Diode
LDC240-24 24 VDC 10A  
LDC240-24P 24 VDC 10A Internal Oring Diode
LDC240-48 48 VDC 5A  
LDC240-48P 48 VDC 5A Internal Oring Diode
LDC240-72 72 VDC 3.3A  
LDC240-72P 72 VDC 3.3A Internal Oring Diode
ldc480 480W
High Efficiency
50% Overload Capability
Active PFC for Optimal
Efficiency with low THD
LDC480-24 120-240 VAC
(110_345 VDC)
24 VDC 20A  
LDC480-24P 24 VDC 20A Internal Oring Diode
LDC480-48 48 VDC 10A  
LDC480-48P 48 VDC 10A Internal Oring Diode
LDC480-72 72 VDC 6.7A  
LDC480-72P 72 VDC 6.7A Internal Oring Diode