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ABC180, ABC275 Open Frame Power Supply

-40°C to 70°C Operating Temperature
80-264 VAC Input
Standby Power <0.5 W
12V / 0.5 A Fan Output, Thermal Shut-Down Feature
Efficiencies up to 92%
RoHS Compliant

Applications:  Instrumentation, Lighting, Industrial Applications, Applied Computing, Renewable Energy, Test and Measurement, Robotics and Wireless Communications.

  Bel Power Selection Guide Request for Stock Check & Pricing
  Part Number Input Voltage Voltage Maximum Load
15W @ 50C
Additional Suffix
  ABC180-1012L 80-264 VAC 12 9.37A -1T12L
ABC180-1015L 15 7.5A -1T15L
ABC180-1024L 24 4.68A -1T24L
ABC180-1030L 30 3.75A -1T30L
ABC180-1048L 48 2.34A -1T48L
ABC180-1058L  58 1.94A -1T58L
  Also Available: ABC225-1058L, ABC225-1T30L
  ABC275-1012L 80-264 VAC 12 12.5A -1T12L
  ABC275-1015L 15 10A -1T15L
  ABC275-1024L 24 6.25A -1T24L
  ABC275-1030L 30 5A -1T30L
  ABC275-1048L 48 3.12A -1T48L
  ABC275-1058L 58 2.58 -1T58L