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CPA_CPDCPA, CPD CompactPCI® Series

Bel Power Selection Guide Request for Stock Check & Pricing    
Part Number Input Range Vo1 Vo2 Vo3 Vo4 Rated Power Additional Suffix
CPD250-4530G 36-75 Vdc 5@25A 3.3@20A 12@4A -12@1A 250W* -4530AG, -4530CG
CPD500-4530G 5@40A 3.3@50A 12@8A -12@3A 500W* -4530CG
. . . . . . .  
CPA200-4530G 90-264 VAC
5@20A 3.3@20A 12@2.5A -12@0.5A 200W*  
CPA250-4530G 5@25A 3.3@20A 12@4A -12@1A 250W* -4530CG, -4530LG
CPA500-4530G 5@40A 3.3@50A 12@8A -12@3A 500W* -4530CG
CPA550-4530G 5@50A 3.3@50A 12@8A -12@3A 550W* -4530CG
Minimum May Apply, CPA/CPD Data Sheet  
*The sum of the power of all outputs may not exceed the total power for the specified required forced air cooling
**Rated input voltage range is 100-240 VAC, rated input frequency range is 50-60 Hz.