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PFC500PFC500 Single Series

Bel Power Selection Guide Request for Stock Check & Pricing Data Sheet
Part Number AC Input Vout1 Other
PFC500-1024G 85 VAC
264 VAC

47Hz to 63Hz
PFC500-1024FG 24@21A F=Fan
PFC500-1028FG 28@17.9A F=Fan
PFC500-1048FG 48@10.4A F=Fan
RoHS 5_PFC500-1024, PFC500-1024F, PFC500-1028F, PFC500-1048F, PFC375-1048G
Minimum May Apply
*Total current available from V1 + V2 is 40 amperes, total current available from V3 + V4 is 6.6 amperes
^One adjustment pot is provided for both V3 and V4 outputs.  One-to-one tracking is provided on V3 and V4 when equally loaded