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4 SeriesSeries 4 Tempilabel®

Accurate to ±2% of Fahrenheit Rating
Self Adhesive
One-Way Color Change
Permanent Record for Inspection and Quality Control
Tempil°® Brand Selection Guide Catalog
Part Number, Four Increments of 10°F  (PK=10, RL=500), Size: 1.75W x 0.87L
26700 Series 4 Tempilabel, 4A-100/38
(100°F/38°C, 110°F/43°C, 120°F/49°C, 130°F/54°C)
Call, Also offered in roll of 500
26709 Series 4 Tempilabel, 4A-120
(120F/49C, 130F/54C, 140F/60C, 150F/66C)
26701 Series 4 Tempilabel, 4A-130/54
(130°F/54°C, 140°F/60°C, 150°F/66°C, 160°F/71°C)
26702 Series 4 Tempilabel, 4A-170/77
(170°F/77°C, 180°F/82°C, 190°F/88°C, 200°F/93°C)

26702 Tempilabel 4A-170/77, Qty: PK-Price:$31.20

26751 Series 4 Tempilabel, 4A-170/77 (roll of 500)
(170°F/77°C, 180°F/82°C, 190°F/88°C, 200°F/93°C)

26751 Tempilabel 4A-170/77, Qty: RL-Price:$893.00

26703 Series 4 Tempilabel, 4A-190/88
(190°F/88°C, 200°F/93°C, 210F/99°C, 220°F/104°C)

26703 Tempilabel 4A-190/88, Qty: PK-Price:$31.20

26704 Series 4 Tempilabel, 4A-220/104 
(220°F/104°C, 230°F/110°C, 240°F/116°C, 250°F/121°C)

26704 Tempilabel 4A-220/104, Qty: PK-Price:$31.20

26710 Series 4 Tempilabel, 4A-270/132
(270F/132C, 280F/138C, 290F/132C, 300F/149C

26704 Tempilabel 4A-270/132, Qty: PK-Price:$31.20

26705 Series 4 Tempilabel, 4A-330/166
(330°F/166°C, 340°F/171°C, 350°F/177°C, 360°F/182°C)

26705 Tempilabel 4A-330/166, Qty: PK-Price:$31.20

Part Number 4B-Four Increments of 25°F  (PK=10),  Size: 1.75W  x .087L 
26706 Series 4 Tempilabel, 4B-125/52
(125°F/52°C, 150°F/66°C, 175°F/79°C, 200°F/93°C)
Part Number 4C-Four Increments of 50°F  (PK=10, RL=500), Size: 1.75W  x .087L 
26707 Series 4 Tempilabel, 4C-100/38
(100°F/38°C, 150°F/66°C, 200°F/93°C, 250°F/121°)
26708 Series 4 Tempilabel, 4C-200/93
(200°F/93°C, 250°F/121°C, 300°F/149°C, 350°F/177°C)

26708 Tempilabel 4C-200/93, Qty: PK-Price: $31.20

26752 Series 4 Tempilabel, 4C-200/93 (roll of 500)
(200°F/93°C, 250°F/121°C, 300°F/149°C, 350°F/177°C)

26752 Tempilabel 4C-200/93, Qty: RL-Price: $893.00

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