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the05c Thermax® THE05C Clock Indicators

Accuracy: to  ±2% of the Fahrenheit Rating
Self Adhesive & Ten (10) Labels per Package
One Way Color Change (Non-Reversible)
Permanent Inspection & Quality Control Records
Tempil°® Brand Selection Guide Catalog
Part Number, Description & °F/°C, Size: 0.55 Diameter, (PK=10) Purchase
26001 Thermax Clock, THE05C-1
(105°F/40°C, 110°F/43°C, 115°F/46°C, 120°F/49°C, 130°F/540°C)
Call for Pricing, Required to ship overnight
26002 Thermax Clock, THE05C-2
(140°F/60°C, 149°F/65°C, 160°F/71°C, 171°F/77°C, 180°F/82°C)

26002 Thermax Clock THE05C-2 Qty: Price: $21.00

26003 Thermax Clock, THE05C-3
(190°F/88°C, 199°F/93°C, 210°F/99°C, 219°F/104°C, 230°F/110°C)

26003 Thermax Clock THE05C-3 Qty: Price: $21.00

26004 Thermax Clock, THE05C-4
(241°F/116°C, 250°F/121°C, 261°F/127°C, 270°F/132°C, 280°F/138°C)

26004 Thermax Clock THE05C-4 Qty: Price: $21.00

26005 Thermax Clock, THE05C-5
(289°F/143°C, 300°F/149°C, 309°F/154°C, 320°F/160°C, 331°F/166°C)

26005 Thermax Clock THE05C-5 Qty: Price: $24.00

26008 Thermax Clock, THE05C-8
(450°F/232°C, 466°F/241°C, 480°F/249°C, 489°F/254°C, 500°F/260°C)

26008 Thermax Clock THE05C-8 Qty: Price: $24.00

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