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6 Series Thermax® THE06S

Accuracy: to  ± 2% of the Fahrenheit Rating
Self Adhesive & Ten (10) per Package
One Way Color Change (Non-Reversible)
Permanent Inspection & Quality Control Records
Tempil°® Brand Selection Guide Catalog
Part Number  & °F/°C, Size: 0.47L x 1.26W,  (PK=10) Purchase
26602 Thermax Strip THE06S-1 Call - Required to ship overnight/ice
26603 Thermax Strip THE06S-2

Call - Required to ship overnight/ice.

26605 Thermax Strip THE06S-3

26605 Thermax Strip THE06S-3  Qty: Price: $22.00

26608 Thermax Strip THE06S-4

26608 Thermax Strip THE06S-4  Qty: Price: $22.00

26610 Thermax Strip THE06S-5

26610 Thermax Strip THE06S-5  Qty: Price: $24.00

26612 Thermax Strip THE06S-6

26612 Thermax Strip THE06S-6  Qty: Price: $24.00

26614 Thermax Strip THE06S-7

26614 Thermax Strip THE06S-7  Qty: Price: $24.00

26616 Thermax Strip THE06S-8

26616 Thermax Strip THE06S-8  Qty: Price: $24.00

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