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Over-Voltage Protectors

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Model Case OVP Module Required
Single Output B, C, D, N IOVP-12
Single Output E, F IOVP-24
Dual Output AA, B, BB IOVP-12 (protects both outputs)
Dual Output CC OVP (built-in on 5Voutputs)
Dual Output E, DD IOVP-24 (protects both outputs)
Triple & Quad Output AA, BAA, D IOVP-12 (protects both outputs)
Triple & Quad Output CBB, 131
Triple & Quad Output DBB OVP     (built-in on Main 5Voutputs)
IAR5-0.6/OVP -5V Sub-Regulator Module.  This module will provide a -5Vdc regulated output @ 0.6 amps when connected to any filtered -7 to -30 DC source
Note:  IOVP12 & IOVP24:  Adjustable Range 6.5V to 35V