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Eaton Selection Guide


Series   General Other
AB Series 120 VAC, 28Vdc AB20S,  AB35S,  AB35D, AB50S,  AB50D, AB100S,  AB200S Not for New Design-Direct Replacement RB Series
AM Series 110 VAC, 220/230VAC, 270 Vdc AM50S,  AM50T, AM100S Not for New Design-Direct Replacement RM Series
AW Series 110 VAC, 120Vdc AW20S, AW35S, AW50S, AW100S, AW200S Not for New Design-Direct Replacement RW Series
C Series 28 Vdc (25W), (50W), (100W), (105W), (140W)  
CB Series 28 Vdc CB5S, CB510D, CB30S, CB75S, CB75T, CB150S, CB150T, CB225T  
CC Series 28 Vdc (20W), (30W), (60W),  
HB Series 28Vdc DC-DC Converter, 30W, single output  
HM Series 110 VAC, 220/230 VAC HM4, HM8, HM12, AC/DC Front End Rectifier 400W,800W,1200W, 1-3 Phase, Sized to fit input Power of SM Series
HSM200S 270 Vdc DC to DC Converter, Single Output 200W
LLV Series 110 VAC, 220/230 VAC AC-DC Linear Supply-Dual Output 15W,45W
LV Series 110 VAC, 220/230 VAC AC-DC Linear Supply-Single Output 21W,56W,100W,210W
MW400S 220/230 VAC AC-DC Front End Power Supply 400W
MW75S 220/230 VAC AC to DC Modules 75W
NB Series 28Vdc NB15S, NB30D, NB45T, NB50S, NB50T, NB80T, NB100S, NB100D, NB150S, NB150T  
NH Series 270 Vdc NH50S, NH100S, NH100D, NH150S, NH150T, NHF150 50W,100W,150W
NL Series 12 Vdc NL50S, NL100S, NL100D, NL150S, NL150T 50W,100W,150W, Industrial (I), EMI Filter available
NW Series 110 VAC, 150 Vdc NW25S, NW25D (AC to DC Converter) 25W. 50W
PFI Series 220/230 VAC PFI100, PFI500 100W, 500W
PFC Series 220/230 VAC PFC500, PFC1000 500W, 1000W
PFF Series 220/230 VAC EMI Filter 500W, 1000W
PSD Series   Custom Parts
QB150 Series 18 To 40 Vdc DC/DC 150W
RB Series 120 VAC, 28Vdc RB20S,  RB35S, RB35D, RB50S, RB50D, RB100S,  RB200S,  RB200S Direct Replacement for AB Series
RM Series 110 VAC, 220/230 VAC, 270 Vdc RM50S, RM50T, RM100S Direct Replacement for AM Series
RW Series 110 VAC, 120 Vdc RW20S, RW35S, RW50S, RW100S, RW200S Direct Replacement for AW Series
S Series DC-AC Sine Wave Inverter 5W, 10W, 20W, 30W, 60W, 120W  
SL500 Series 200 Vdc to 400 Vdc Stand Alone Full Brick  
SM Series 270 Vdc, 28 Vdc SM50S, SM100S, SM100D, SM200S, SM200D 50W,100W,200W
SMH Series 270 Vdc, 28Vdc SMH50S, SMH100S 50W, 100W
W AC-DC Linear Supply (29.4W), (30W),   (32.5W), (34.8W),   (58.8W), (60W), (65W),   (72.5W), (120W),  (122.5W), (130W),  (145W), (195W), (240W),  (245W),  (310W)
WW AC-DC Linear Supply (16W), (18.6W), (31W), (36W), (62W), (144W),  (288W)