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EatonOlder Series / Discontinued Series (Formerly CDI, Martek Power)

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Watts Data Sheet Series Pricing and Specifications subject to change without notification. Links to inventory.    
.5 PDF 50 Series 55S5
2 PDF 200F/200FA 209S12F,209S12FA, 209S5F, 209S5FA
2 PDF 200FSR Series 209S5FSR, 215S5FSR, 205S12FSR, 215D5FSR, 212D12FSR, 215D12FSR
2 PDF 200HI Series 212D24HI, 205S5HI, 212S5HI, 215S5HI, 205S12HI, 212S12HI, 205S18HI, 212S18HI, 205S24HI, 212S24HI,205S28HI, 212S28HI, 205S48HI, 212S48HI, 212D5HI, 215D5HI, 212D12HI, 212D18HI, 212D28HI, 212D48HI
2 PDF 200I Series 209S5I, 209S12I, 205/10D5I, 205/10D12I
2 PDF 200LFR Series 203V3S5LFR-Y, 205S5LFR-Y, 212S5LFR-Y, 215S5LFR-Y, 203V3S12LFR-Y, 205S12LFR-Y, 212S12LFR-Y, 215S12LFR-Y, 203V3S24LFR-Y, 205S24LFR-Y, 212S24LFR-Y, 215S24LFR-Y, 203V3S48LFR-Y, 205S48LFR-Y, 212S48LFR-Y, 215S48LFR-Y, 205D5LFR-Y, 212D5LFR-Y, 215D5LFR-Y, 205D12LFR-Y, 212D12LFR-Y, 215D12LFR-Y, 205D24LFR-Y, 212D24LFR-Y, 215D24LR-Y, 205D48LFR-Y, 212D48LFR-Y, 215D48LFR-Y
2 PDF 200UFR Series 203S24UFR-Y, 205S24UFR-Y, 212S24UFR-Y, 215S24UFR-Y, 203S48UFR-Y, 205S48UFR-Y, 212S48UFR-Y, 215S48UFR-Y, 205D24UFR-Y, 212D24UFR-Y, 215D24UFR-Y, 205D48UFR-Y, 212D48UFR-Y, 215D48UFR-Y
2 PDF 200VFI Series 205S5VFI-Y, 212S5VFI-Y, 215S5VFI-Y, 205S12VFI-Y, 212S12VFI-Y, 215S12VFI-Y, 205S24VFI-Y, 212S24VFI-Y, 205D5VFI-Y, 212D5VFI-Y, 215D5VFI-Y, 205D12VFI-Y, 212D12VFI-Y, 215D12VFI-Y, 205D24VFI-Y, 212D24VFI-Y, 215D24VFI-Y
2 PDF 200WFR Series 203S5WFR-Y, 205S5WFR-Y, 212S5WFR-Y, 203S12WFR-Y, 205S12WFR-Y, 212S12WFR-Y, 203S24WFR-Y, 205S24WFR-Y, 212S24WFR-Y, 203S48WFR-Y, 205S48WFR-Y, 212S48WFR-Y
2 PDF 200WFS Series 205S5WFS-Y, 212S5WFS-Y, 205S12WFS-Y, 212S12WFS-Y, 212S24WFS-Y, 205D5WFS-Y, 212D5WFS-Y, 215D5WFS-Y, 212D12WFS-Y, 215D12WFS-Y, 212D24WFS-Y, 215D24WFS-Y
3 PDF 300HI Series 315S12HI, 315S18HI, 315S24HI, 315S248HI, 315S48HI, 315D12HI, 315D18HI, 315D24HI, 315D28HI, 315D48HI
3 PDF 300UR Series 312D12UR, 305D28UR, 315D28UR, 312S12UR, 315S12UR, 305S28UR, 312S28UR, 315S28UR,305D12UR,  312D12UR, 315D12UR,  305D28UR, 312D28UR,  315D28UR
5 PDF 500E Series 505S5E, 505S12E-A1, 505S48E, 512S5E, 515S5E, 505S12E, 512S12E, 515S12E, 505S24E, 512S24E, 515S24E, 505S28E, 512S28E, 512S48E, 515S48E, 512D5E, 515D5E, 512D12E, 515D12E, 512D24E, 515D24E, 512D28E, 515D28E, 512D48E, 515D48E
5 PDF 500UR Series 505S36UR, 505S20UR, 512S20UR, 515S20UR, 505S36UR, 512S36UR, 515S36UR, 505D20UR, 512D20UR, 515D20UR, 505D36UR, 512D36UR, 515D36UR
5 PDF 500URD Series 505S24URD, 512S24URD-Y, 515D24URD, 512D48URD, 512S24URD-Y, 515S24URD-Y, 505S48URD-Y, 512S48URD-Y, 515S48URD-Y, 505D24URD-Y, 512D24URD-Y, 505D48URD-Y, 515D48URD-Y
8 PDF 1100 Series 1105/15T24, 1105S12, 1112S12, 1115S12, 1105S24, 1112S24, 1115S24, 1105S48, 1112S48, 1115S48, 1105D12, 1112D12, 1115D12, 1105D24, 1112D24, 1115D24, 1105D48, 1112D48, 1115D48,, 1105/12T12, 1105/1512, 1105/12T24, 1105/12T48, 1105/15T48
  PDF 1500UR Series 1512S36UR, 1505D20UR, 1503S20UR, 1505S20UR, 1512S20UR, 1515S20UR, 1503S36UR, 1515S36UR, 1512D20UR, 1515D20UR, 1505D36UR, 1512D36UR, 1515D36UR
16 PDF 1600-A3 Series 1612S5-A3, 1603S5-A3, 1605S5-A3, 1615S5-A3, 1605D5-A3, 1612D5-A3, 1615D5-A3, 1605/12T5-A3, 1605/15T5-A3
16 PDF 1800 Series 1805S28, 1812S28, 1815S28, 1805D28, 1812D28, 1815D28, 1805/12T28, 1805/15T28
20 PDF 2000 Series 2005S12, 2005S24, 2005S48, 2006S12, 2006S24, 2006S48, 2012S12, 2012S24, 2012S48, 2015S12, 2015S24, 2015S48, 2012D12, 2012D24, 2012D48, 2015D12, 2015D24, 2015D48, 2005/12T12, 2005/12T24, 2005/12T48,
2005/15T12, 2005/15T24, 2005/15T48
20 PDF 2000SN Series 2005S48SN-RT, 2005S48SN, 2003V3S48SN, 2002V5S48SN, 2002V0S48SN, 2001V8S48SN, 2001V5S48SN
20 PDF 2000WFR Series 2003S12WFR-Y, 2005S12WFR-Y, 2012S12WFR-Y, 2015S12-Y, 2003S24WFR-Y, 2005S24WFR-Y, 2012S24WFR-Y, 2015S24WFR-Y, 2003S48WFR-Y, 2005S48WFR-Y, 2012S48WFR-Y, 2015S48WFR-Y, 2012D12WFR-Y, 2015D12WFR-Y, 2012D24WFR-Y, 2015D24WFR-Y, 2012D48WFR-Y, 2015D48WFR-Y 
25 PDF 2500RW Series 2505/15T72RW, 2503S72RW, 2505S72RW, 2512S72RW, 2515S72RW, 2512D72RW, 2515D72RW, 2005/12T72RW
27 PDF 2700HN Series 2703/2P12HN, 2075/3P12HN, 2703/2N12HN, 2705/3N12HN, 2703/2P48HN, 2705/3P48HN, 2703/2N48HN, 2705/3N48HN
30 PDF 3000UR Series 3005/12T24UR, 3003S24UR, 3005S24UR, 3012S24UR, 3015S24UR, 3003S48UR, 3005S48UR, 3012S48UR, 3015S48UR, 3005D24UR, 3012D24UR, 3015D24UR, 3005D48UR, 3012D48UR, 3015D48UR, 3005/15T24UR, 3005/12T48UR, 3005/15T48UR
60 PDF 6000 Series 6012S12-L, 6005S48-L, 6012D24-L, 6012D48-L, 6012D48-LC, 6005/12T12-L, 6005/12T12-LC, 6005/15T24-LC, 6005/12T48-L, 6005S12, 6012S12, 6015S2, 6005S24,6012S24, 6015S24, 6005S48, 6012S48, 6015S48, 6005D12, 6012D12, 6015D12, 6005D24, 6012D24, 6015D24, 6005D48, 6012D48, 6015D48, 6005/12T12, 6005/15T12, 6005/12T24, 6005/15T24, 6005/12T48, 6005/15T48
60 PDF 6000UR Series 6003S24UR, 6015S24UR, 6012D24UR, 6015D24UR, 6005S24UR, 6012S24UR, 6003S48UR, 6005S48UR, 6012S48UR, 6015S48UR, 6005D24UR, 6005D48UR, 6012D48UR, 6015D48UR, 6005/12T24UR, 6005/15T24UR, 6005/12T48UR, 6005/15T48UR
    AA AA85-01
2   B Series
28 VDC to DC
B02D-9.9A, B02D-12.3A, 02D13.8A, B02D-15.75A, B02D-17.6A, B02D-24.7A, B02D-27.6A, B02D-38.7A, B02D-43.3A, B02D-63A, B02D-79A, B02D-88A, B02D-157A, B02D-220A, B02D-387A, B02D-486A
5 B05D-9.9A, B05D-12.3A, B05D-13.8A, B05D-15.7A, B05D-17.6A, B05D-24.7A, B05D-27.6A, B05D-38.7A, B05D-43.3A, B05D-63A, B05D-79A, B05D-88A, B05D-157A, B05D-220A, B05D-387A, B05D-486A
10 B1D-38.7A, B1D-43.3A, B1D-63A, B1D-79A, B1D-88A, B1D-157A, B1D-220A, B1D-387A, B1D-486A
20 B2D-38.7A, B2D-43.3A, B2D-63A, B2D-79A, B2D-88A, B2D-157A, B2D-220A, B2D-387A, B2D-486A
30 B3D-63A, B3D-79A, B3D-88A, B3D-157A, B3D-220A, B3D-387A, B3D-486A
50 B5D-157A, B5D-220A, B5D-387A, B5D-486A
2   BL Series
28 VDC to DC
BL02D-5A, BL02D-5.6A, BL02D-6.3A
5 BL05D-5A, BL05D-5.6A, BL05D-6.3A  
10 BL1D-5A, BL1D-5.6A, BL1D-6.3A, BL1D-9.9A, BL1D-12.3A, BL1D-13.8A, BL1D-15.7A, BL1D-17.6A, BL1D-24.7A, BL1D-27.6A
30 BL2D-5A, BL2D-5.6A, BL2D-6.3A, BL2D-9.9A, BL2D-12.3A, BL2D-13.8A, BL2D-15.7A, BL2D-17.6A, BL2D-24.7A, BL2D-27.6A
30 BL3D-5A, BL3D-5.6A, BL3D-6.3A, BL3D-9.9A, BL3D-12.3A, BL3D-13.8A, BL3D-15.7A, BL3D-17.6A, BL3D-24.7A, BL3D-27.6A, BL3D-38.7A, BL3D-43.3A
50 BL5D-5A, BL5D-5.6A, 5L5D-6.3A, BL5D-9.9A, BL5D-12.3A, BL5D-13.8A, BL5D-15.7A, BL5D-17.6A, BL5D-24.7A, BL5D-27.6A, BL5D-38.7A, BL5D-43.3A, BL5D-63A, BL5D-79A, BL5D-88A
100 BL10D-9.9A, BL10D-12.3A, BL10D-13.8A, BL10D-15.7A, BL10D-17.6A, BL10D-24.7A, BL10D-27.6A, BL10D-38.7A, BL10D-43.3A, BL10D-63A, BL10D-79A, BL10D-88A, BL10D-157A, BL10D-220A, BL10D-387A, BL10D-486A
170 BL17D-12.3A, BL17D-13.8A, BL17D-15.7A, BL17D-17.6A, BL17D-24.7A, BL17D-27.6A, BL17D-38.7A, BL17D-43.3A, BL17D-63A, BL17D-79A, BL17D-88A, BL17-157A, BL17D-220A, BL17D-387A, BL17D-486A
300   M300 Series
60 Hz to DC
M300S/5-D, M300S/12-D, M300S/15-D, M300S/24-D, M300S/28-DM300T/5/12-D, M300T/5/12-D, M300T/5/15-D-7-ER
500   MH500 Series
60 Hz to DC 
MH500S/5-DE, MH500S/13-DE, MH500S/15-DE, MH500S/24-DE, MH500S/28-DE, MH500S/28AEH-ER
100/500   PFI100_PFI500 Series  PFI100-A, PFI100-C, PFI100-I, PFM100-A, PFM100-C, PFM100-I, PFM500-A, PFM500-B, PFM500-C, PFM500-I  
    WL Series
400 Hz to DC
WL5.3D-20, WL6.3D-20, WL12D-10, WL12D-20, WL15D-12, WL24D-7.5, WL24D-15, WL28D-10, WL28D-15
    WLL Series
400 Hz to DC
WWL12-2.0, WWL15D-2.0