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Programmable Step-Down Point-of Load

dPOL used in conjunction with DM73XX Series Digital Power Manager
GUI based Configuration for Short Development Time
Real Time Performance Monitoring
Synchronous Operation with Other Supplies
All Key Parameter, Sequencing, Tracking, Fault Protection and Compensation Parameters are Programmable
Bel Power Selection Guide
  Prefix Selection Number of D-Pwer™ POLS   Other Suffix Selection
POL ManagerDM73XX DM7304G 4   RoHS, Tube -65511-B1, -65511-R100
DM7308G 8   RoHS, Tube -65512-B1, -65512-R100
DM7316G 16   RoHS, Tube -65513-B1, -65513-R100, -65517-B1, XXXXX-B1, XXXXX-100
DM7332G 32   RoHS, Tube -65514-B1, -65514-R100, -65518-R100, XXXXX-B1, XXXXX-R100
  Part Number Input Output Current Other Additional Suffix
Intelligent dPOLDP7015G DP7007G-R100 8V-14V 7A RoHS -R200
DP7010G-R100 10A RoHS  
DP7015G-R100 15A RoHS, T & R  
DP7115G-R100 15A RoHS  
DP7120G-R100 20A RoHS  
DP7130G-R100 30A RoHS, T & R  
DP8105G-T100 5A RoHS, T & R  
DP8110G-T100 10A RoHS, T & R  
DP8120G-T100 20A RoHS, T & T  
DP8140G-T050 40A RoHS, Tray  
DP8160G-T050 60A RoHS, Tray