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LDC DIN Rail Switching Power Supply


Industrial Control
Instrumentation Equipment
Bel Power Selection Guide
Specifications subject to change without notification.
General Part Number Input Voltage Output Voltage Output Current Redundancy
ldc120 120W
High Efficiency Up to 90%
Active PFC
Up to 60C Operating
Temperature w/No Derating
LDC120-24 120-240 VAC
(110-345 VDC)
24 VDC 5A No Oring Diode
LDC120-24P 24 VDC 5A Internal Oring Diode
LDC120-48 48 VDC 2.5A No Oring Diode
LDC120-48P 48 VDC 2.5A Internal Oring Diode
ldc240 240W
Up to 70C Operating
Temperature w/No Derating
Overload 150%
LDC240-12 120-240 VAC
(110-345 VDC)
12 VDC 15A  
LDC240-12P 12 VDC 15A Internal Oring Diode
LDC240-24 24 VDC 10A  
LDC240-24P 24 VDC 10A Internal Oring Diode
LDC240-48 48 VDC 5A  
LDC240-48P 48 VDC 5A Internal Oring Diode
LDC240-72 72 VDC 3.3A  
LDC240-72P 72 VDC 3.3A Internal Oring Diode
ldc480 480W
High Efficiency
50% Overload Capability
Active PFC for Optimal
Efficiency with low THD
LDC480-24 120-240 VAC
(110_345 VDC)
24 VDC 20A  
LDC480-24P 24 VDC 20A Internal Oring Diode
LDC480-48 48 VDC 10A  
LDC480-48P 48 VDC 10A Internal Oring Diode
LDC480-72 72 VDC 6.7A  
LDC480-72P 72 VDC 6.7A Internal Oring Diode