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Standard and Miniature Plugs and Jacks

mini.jpg (1701 bytes)Mini
std.jpg (2242 bytes)Standard
Part Number ANSI Mark Part Number
MC-J-M Black Iron/Constantan J SC-J-M Black Iron/constantan
MC-J-F  Black Iron/Constantan J SC-J-F  Black Iron/Constantan
MC-K-M Yellow Chromel®/Alumel® K SC-K-M Yellow Chromel®/Alumel®
MC-K-F  Yellow  Chromel®/Alumel® K SC-K-F Yellow Chromel®/Alumel®
MC-T-M Blue Copper/Constantan T SC-T-M Blue Copper/Constantan
MC-T-F  Blue  Copper/Constantan T SC-T-F  Blue Copper/Constantan
MC-E-M Purple Chromel®/Constantan E SC-E-M Purple Chromel®/Constantan
MC-E-F  Purple Chromel®/Constantan E SC-E-F  Purple Chromel®/Constantan
MC-R/S-M Green Plat10%(S), Rhod13%(R) R/S SC-R/S-M Green Plat10%(S) Rhod13%(R)
MC-R/S-F  Green Plat10%(S), Rhod13%(R) R/S SC-R/S-F  Green Plat10%(S) Rhod13%(R)
MC-U-M White Uncompensated Copper . SC-U-M White Uncompensated Copper
MC-U-F  White Uncompensated Copper . SC-U-F  White Uncompensated Copper
1.  Miniature plugs and jacks are recommended for 24 AWG wire or smaller.
2.  To order mini wire clamps for strain relief on fine or heavy wire specify part number 1260.
3.  To order Mini High-Temperature (800°F)change prefix to HMC.
1.  Gold Plating or Solid Pins are available.
3. To order Standard High-Temperature (800°F)change prefix to HSC.
4.  Strip-Panels and Jack-Panels are available.
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