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Extermination Heat Treatment

(Termites/Bed Bugs Equipment Approved for Use With the THERMAPUREHEAT® Processed License by TPE Associates)

Model 875F
Model 875 Handheld Thermometer
Battery Operated with Single Input LCD Display
Reads -112°F to 199.9°F with 0.1°F Resolution
Reads 200°F to 752°F with 1°F Resolution
Accepts Type "T" Thermocouple with Miniature Male Connector
One Year Warranty
Price: $145.00
875F with 8052 attached sold separately
Model 8052 Six Cannel Switch Box
Turns Single Channel 875F into Six Channel Digital Thermometer
Plugs into the top of the Model 875F
Quick Selection of Reading for 1-6 Probes
One Year Warranty
Price: $175.00
PVC Heat Sensor Wire
(50ft Standard)
Type "T" Thermocouple
Measures Temperature in Treated Room and Inside Walls
Welded (beaded) on Sensing End
Miniature Male Plug (Connector) Attached to Cold End
Plugs into the Model 875F and Model 8052
Operating Temperature: +220°F.
Heat Sensors-25FT, $19.95
Heat Sensors-50FT, $26.95
Heat Sensors-75FT, $34.95
Heat Sensors-100FT, $41.95
Custom Length
Miniature Connectors
Mini, Type T Blue Connector-male plug T Mini Male Plug-$2.89
Mini, Type T Blue Connector-female jack T Mini Female Jack-$3.40
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