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LA-CO Brands

Tempilaq®, Tempilstik®

  • Tempil°® Tempilaq G®-Indicating Liquid (175°F / 79°C to 1900°F / 1038°C)
  • Tempil°® Tempilstik®-Fahrenheit/Celsius Indicating Crayon (100°F / 38°C to 2000°F / 1093°C)

Label Indictors

  • Tempilabel°® Series 4-Four Temperature Ranges, Increments of 10, 25, 50
  • Tempilabel°® Series 21-One Temperature Rating, 1/2  square, 3/16  OD, PKG 210

Estik™, Infrared

  • Tempil°® ElectronicTempilstik-Quick Digital Readout Actual Surface Temperature at Point of Contact
  • Tempil°® IRT16-Lightweight, Compact, Easy to Use Infra-Red Thermometer

Protective Coatings

  • Tempil°® Pyromark®-Protecting, Decorating or Color Indentifying Metal Surfaces
  • Tempil°® Bloxide®-De-Oxidizing Weldable Prime
  • Tempil°® Anti-Heat®-Heat Absorbing Compound

Temp-Alarm® Time/Temperature Signaling Paint

  • Tempil°® Temp-Alarm®  13C-Time/Temperature Signaling Paint 310°F (Blue to Gray-Black)


Tempil°®, Temp-Alarm®, Pyromark®, Bloxide®, Anti-Heat®, Tempilstik®, and Tempilaq G® are registered trademarks of LA-CO Industries, Inc. Thermax® is a registered trademark for Thermographic Measurement LTD.