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antiheatAnti-Heat® Sink Compound

  • Absorbs Surface Heat Generated by Welding, Brazing or Soldering
  • Eliminates Heat Damage by Preventing Buckling, Warping or Other Distortion of Light-Gauge Metals
  • Creates a Barrier Prohibiting Discoloration, Blistering or Cracking
  • Non-Toxic
  • Harmless to Skin
  • Odorless and Free of Asbestos
  • Adheres to Horizontal, Vertical and Overhead Surfaces
  • 1100°F Maximum
        Can be used effectively to protect thin-gauge metals from objectionable heat inflow due
        to welding, brazing, soldering or other heat sources
    Sizes:  12oz Caulking Tube, Quart, Gallon, Five (5) Gallon Pail
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Part Number Description Size
24003 Anti-Heat 12 oz, Caulking Tube TB
24002 Anti-Heat Quart Can QT
24001 Anti-Heat Gallon GL
24000 Anti-Heat Five Gallon Pail 5-GLPA
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