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Is a weldable rust preventative that insures x-ray quality welds. The aluminized coating acts as an oxygen barrier that protects against rust. It also forms aluminum oxide in the weld puddle which reduces porosity and pin-holing. The use of Bloxide® eliminates re-cleaning of sub-assemblies prepared for welding even after they have been in outside storage for several months. It is an excellent weldable primer paint.

  • Temperature Resistant to 800°F / 427°C
  • Aluminized Finish
  • Industry Safe and Free From Lead, Sulfur, Zinc and Other Halogens
  • Dry Time:  Around 77°F and 50% Relative Humidity/Tack Free-Six (6) Hours
  • Recommended Film Thickness:  Wet 3.0 mil, Dry 0.75 mil
Marine and Off-Shore Fabrication
All Steels Including High Tensile Carbon Moly and Chrome Moly
Primer for Paint and Coatings
Standard Packing: 12-oz Aerosol, Gallon
  Tempil°® Brand Selection Guide  
Part Number Description
24104 Bloxide®-12 oz Aerosol (12 per case)
24100 Bloxide®-gl (4 gl per case)
Tempil°® and Bloxide® are registered trademarks of LA-CO Industries, Inc.