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templalarmTemp-Alarm°® Time/Temperature Signaling Paint


  • Verifying Heat Treatment of Parts
  • Aluminum Specialty Gas Cylinders
  • Monitor Erosion and Bread Down of Refractory Linings
  • Temperature Profiles on Engines


  • Time/Temperature Dependent Coating
  • Test Under Anticipated Operating Conditions
  • Obtain Related Time/Temperature Curves
  • Coating Will Transition After a Five (5) Minutes Heating Period at Rated Temperature
  • Coating Will Transition at Temperatures Lower Than Its Over Extended Periods of Time
  Tempil°® Brand Selection Guide Request for Stock Check & Pricing
Part Number Description Indicating
Color Change Temperature
Initial Color Final Color
24601 Tempalarm 13C-GL 310°F (154°C) Blue Gray Black
24600 Tempalarm 13C-5GL      
24603 Tempalarm 18-GL      
24604 Tempalarm 13C-1GL 13C Thinner
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