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cast.jpg (6371 bytes) SH / MH  with Dust and Moisture Proof Head

The  SH  (standard) and  MH  (miniature) size cast aluminum series of thermocouples provide superior dust, moisture, and signal protection. All series include weatherproof housings with covers, a 1/2  NPT male thread for connections to Thermowells, and 1/2  receptacle on the housing for conduit connections for the thermocouple lead wire. Additional features are O-ring seals and terminal blocks for easy lead wire connection. Optional alternative fittings are available.

ORDERING CODE  Sample Part Number:  (1)SH-(2)K-(3)SS-(4&5)116U-(6) 32

See Below to Configure Thermocouple for your Specific Application

(1) Connection Head (4) Sheath O.D.
Enter Description Enter Description
SH Standard Head Cast Aluminum 16 1/16 (.062)
MH Miniature Head Cast Aluminum 18 1/8  (.125)
PH Plastic Head~ 316 3/16 (.188)
CH Std Head Cast Iron 14 1/4  (.125)
516 5/16 (.312)
(2) Thermocouple Type (5) Junction
Enter Description Enter Description
J Iron/Constantan G Grounded
K Chromel®/Alumel® U Ungrounded
T Copper/Constantan E Exposed
E Chromel®/Constantan
R/S* Platinum/Rhodium
C* Tungsten/Rhenium
(3) Sheath Material (6) Sheath Length  L
Enter Description            Enter in Inches
SS 304 Stainless Steel
IN Inconel 600 *Non-Standard or Exotic Item,
Please Check with BJWE.

~Plastic Housings are Available
in Miniature or Standard Head
1S 310 Stainless Steel
6S 316 Stainless Steel
TA* Tantalum
MN* Monel

Dual Element Probe: To Order a Dual Element Probe, Insert the Letters DU in Front of the Connection Head Designation. Please Note for Ungrounded Junctions You Must Choose Between  Common  UC or  Uncommon  UU Internal Junction.

Sample Part Number: DU-SH-J-SS-18UC-12

castrp.jpg (4779 bytes) RP  Replacement Element Thermocouple

Replacement element probes are available with mineral insulated metal sheaths, stripped ends (3  typical), and 1/2  x 1/2  process fitting. To order replacement elements, use the above ordering guide and add suffix  RP .

Sample Part Number: SH-J-18G-12-RP

      Thermocouple Selection Guide |  PDF Data Sheet

Specifications subject to change without notification. Chromel® and Alumel® are registered trademarks of Hoskins Manufacturing Company.