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sc.jpg (6608 bytes) SC  Standard &  MC  Miniature Size Compensated Plug and Jack

The sheath attaches to the  SC  (standard) or  MC  (miniature) size male color-coded connector via tube clamp. Each glass filled thermoset compound connector performs at 400°F (205°C) continuous use, and 500°F (260°C) intermittent. For sheath material that can withstand higher temperatures or ratings, consult sheath material chart. BJWE offers many  Stock Standard  thermocouples  Off-The-Shelf  , along with optional dual element probes and high temperature connectors.

Standard Thermocouples Include: Matching Color-Coded Female Jack

ORDERING CODE Sample Part Number: (1)MC-(2)E-(3)IN-(4&5)316E-(6)-36)
         See Below to Configure Thermocouple for Your Specific Application

(1) Size Plug & Jack (4) Sheath O.D.
Enter Description Enter Description
MC Miniature 16 1/16 (.062)
SC Standard 18 1/8   (.125)
316 3/16 (.188)
14 1/4   (.250)
516 5/16 (.312)
(2) Thermocouple Type (5) Junction
Enter Description Enter Description
J Iron/Constantan G Grounded
K Chromel®/Alumel® U Ungrounded
T Copper/Constantan E Exposed
E Chromel®/Constantan
R/S* Platinum/Rhodium (6) Sheath
C* Tungsten/Rhenium Enter in Inches
(3) Sheath Material Options
Enter Description Dual Element Probes:  To order a dual element probe insert the letters DU in front of the plug and jack size.  Please Note for ungrounded junctions you must choose between  Common  UC or  Uncommon  UU internal junction.
SS 304 Stainless Steel
IN Inconel 600
1S 310 Stainless Steel Sample Part Number: 
6S 316 Stainless Steel
TA* Tantalum High Temperature Connectors:  High temperature connectors are Available. All connectors are color-coded red and rated to 800°F (425°C) continuous, 1000°F (540°C) intermittent.
MN* Monel
Sample Part Number: 
*Non-Standard or Exotic Items, Please Check with BJWE.

      SC Data Sheet   |    Thermocouple Selection Guide   |    MC Data Sheet

 Specifications subject to change without notification. Chromel® and Alumel® trademark Hoskins Manufacturing Company.