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ts.jpg (4440 bytes)TS  Series w/Transition Junction and Strain Relief

Stainless steel transitions are brazed or crimped to the sheath depending upon the style of the transition. The sheath material on the sensing end (this applies to the transition area only) has its own temperature rating (see chart). Optional specifications available: 1000°F potting material, longer lead lengths, stranded lead-wire, stainless steel over-braiding, connectors, and spade lugs. Consult BJWE for part number.

Standard Thermocouples Include: Potting rated for 300°F continuous operating temperature, insulated thermocouple lead-wire, 48 inches of solid conductor high temperature fiberglass or Teflon® insulated lead-wire.

      ORDERING CODE    Sample Part Number: (1) TST- (2 )48- (3) J- (4) SS-(5&6) 040- (7)12

(1) Lead Wire Insulation (4) Sheath Material
Enter Description Enter Description
~TST Teflon® Insulation SS 304 Stainless Steel
~TSG Fiberglass IN Inconel 600
1S 310 Stainless Steel
6S 316 Stainless Steel
TA* Tantalum
MN* Monel
(2) Lead wire Length (5) Sheath O.D
Enter in Inches Enter Description
020 .020
(3) Thermocouple Type 032 .032  (1/32)
Enter Description 040 .040 
J Iron/Constantan 16 .062  (1/16)
K Chromel®/Alumel® 18 .125  (1/8)
T Copper/Constantan 316 .188  (3/16)
E Chromel®/Constantan 14 .250  (1/4)
R/S Platinum/Rhodium
C Tungsten/Rhenium (6) Junction
Enter Description
G Grounded
E Exposed
(7) Sheath Length  L 
Enter in Inches
~No Spring (Strain Relief) Replace TS with TSN
*Non-Standard or Exotic Items, Please Check with BJWE.

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Specifications subject to change without notification.  Chromel® and Alumel® are registered trademarks of Hoskins Manufacturing Company.    Teflon® and Kapton® trademarks DuPont.