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autobead.jpg (5162 bytes)Validation/Autoclave Beaded Wire Thermocouple

These new beaded wire thermocouples feature the new HTE/D-24-TT wire. This Teflon® extruded thermocouple wire reduces, and/or totally eliminates vacuum and moisture leakage during autoclave (validation) use.

Typical extruded Teflon® Thermocouple wire often leaks moisture in the space created between the individual conductor insulation and the outer Teflon® jacket (see drawing A). BJWE offers Teflon® tips or dams to eliminate leakage on these validation probes. The new wires consist of a single extrusion that reduces both the size and cost, along with virtually eliminating all vacuum leakage (see drawing B).

The insulation is PFA Teflon® (+260°C/+500°F) with a solid blue jacket. As usual the validation thermocouples will be type  T Copper-Constantan) , special limits of error. The new TT24-TA is 24 AWG solid conductor.

     We offer 24-48 hour delivery on most orders under 100 pieces.



Drawing A-Typical Duplex Wire Drawing B-HTE/D Autoclave Wire
auto1.jpg (7012 bytes)  auto2.jpg (4907 bytes)
Leakage Path Between Conductors (white area)
No Leakage Path Between Connectors
The new HTE/D-24-TT has a solid blue PFA Teflon® jacket,
with type  T Copper-Constantan), 24 AWG solid conductor,  Special Limits of Error 

     ORDERING CODE (Example Part Number: TT24-TA-48FT)

     1)TT24-TA- (2)36FT- (3)XX

(1) Model Number TT24-TA
(2) Length of Wire Enter in Feet
(3) Connectors Connectors Available, Please Consult for Part Number

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