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washer.jpg (8703 bytes)Washer Thermocouples

Washer thermocouples are an excellent low cost solution to measure surface temperature with a 24 hour delivery (or better). These thermocouples consist of insulated thermocouple grade wire cut to length, with a weld on one end. After forming the welded end into a circle by using a special Tungsten Inert Gas Welder in an argon atmosphere, a second weld strengthens the joint. The junction then goes into the washer assembly for folding and crimping to the thermocouple wire. Compensated spade lugs and miniature or standard connector terminations are available. Number eight (#8) washer uses 24 gage solid wire and number ten (#10) washer uses 20 gage solid wire.

Standard Thermocouples Include: 12 leads, STL  stripped lead termination, choice of washer size in PFA Teflon® or Fiberglass insulation.


   Sample Part Number 1: (1)WTG-(2)K-  (3)10-  (4)12- (5)MCM   Sample Part Number 2: (1)WTT-  (2)J- (3)14-  (4)22-  (5)LUG-(6)SPL

See below to configure thermocouple for your specific application.

(1) T/C Wire Insulation (4) Length of Washer Thermocouple
Enter Description Specify in Inches
WTG Glass (900°F)
WTT PFA Teflon® (500°F) (5) Termination
Enter Description
(2) Thermocouple Type STL Standard Stripped Leads
Enter Description LUG Compensated Spade Lugs
J Iron/Constantan MC-M Miniature Male Plug
K Chromel®/Alumel® MC-F Miniature Female Jack
Copper/Constantan SC-M Standard Male Plug
E Chromel®/Constantan SC-F Standard Female Jack
(3) Washer Size (6)Special Options on T/C Wire
Enter Description Enter Description
Screw Size ID OD None Leave Blank
8 #8 .180 .325 STR Stranded T/C Wire
10 #10 .200 .420 SB Stainless Steel Over-Braid
14 1/4 .260 .575 SPL Special Limits of Error
16 5/16 .320 .700
. More than One (1) Options may be Specified

      Thermocouple Selection Guide | PDF Data Sheet

Specifications subject to change without notification. Chromel® and Alumel® trademark  Hoskins Manufacturing Company . Teflon® and  Kapton® trademarks DuPont.