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Athena Controls

Athena Controls offers the following types of controller:  Process, Auto-Turning, Time-Temperature, Non-Indicating, Solid-State Staging, SCR Power, Electronic Temperature, Digital Temperature, Universal Temperature, Multi-Loop PID, Analog, and DIN Rail.  Also offered Solid State Contactors.  BJWE offers many controllers listed for same day service, replacements for Blue M Ovens and Krones Packaging Machines.  Call for pricing.  Not listed, please contact.  Data sheets with applicable unit. Specifications subject to change without notification.

16Model 16-1/16 DIN Process Controller, Auto-Tuning Controller for Precise Set-Point Control_Data Sheet
Features:  100 to 250VAC; Input: Thermocouple, RTD, Voltage, or Current; Input User Selectable; Bump-Less
  Ramp to Set-Point; Auto/Manual Transfer NEMA 4X; Full PID Operations
16-JC-B-0-00-00 16-JF-0-B-00-00 16-KC-B-B-00-00 16-L3-B-B-00-00 16-PC-E-E-30-00
16-JC-B-0-10-0 16-JF-0-B-00-00-ALR 16-KC-S-0-31-00 16-L3-F-0-0-00-00 16-PC-B-B-00-00
16-JC-B-B-00-00 16-JF-B-0-00-00 16-KC-B-B-00-00-L 16-L3-F-0-0-00-00-AZ 16-PF-B-B-00-00
16-JC-F-0-00-00 16-JF-B-0-00-00-ALR 16-KC-S-0-00-00   16-PF-B-B-00-00
16-JC-F-0-10-00 16-JF-B-0-00-00-CY 16-KC-T-0-00-00 16-L4-F-B-30-00-AL 16-PF-F-B-00-00
16-JC-F-Y-00-00 16-JF-B-B-00-00     16-PF-S-0-20-CO-FY
16-JC-S-0-00-00 16-JF-B-B-00-00-L 16-KF-B-0-00-00 16-L7-F-0-00-00 16-PF-S-0-0-20-CO
16-JC-S-0-00-AZ 16-JF-F-0-00-00 16-KF-B-B-00-00-L 16-L7-F-0-00-00 16-PF-T-0-00-00
16-JC-S-0-10-00 16-JF-S-0-00-00 16-KF-B-B-31-00    
16-JC-S-B-00-CW 16-JF-S-0-00-AC 16-KF-B-Y-00-00 16-DC-B-0-00-00 16-RF-B-B-00-00-L
16-JC-S-B-00-00 16-JF-S-0-10-AK 16-KF-B-Y-00-00 16-DC-S-0-30-00  
16-JC-S-B-00-BB 16-JF-S-0-20-AK 16-KF-F-0-00-00 16-DC-S-S-22-AC 16-SF-B-0-00-00
16-JC-S=B-31-00 16-JF-S-0-20-CO 16-KF-F-0-10-00   16-SF-B-B-00-00
16-JC-S-B-31-CY 16-JF-S-B-00-00 16-KF-F-0-31-00 16-DF-F-0-00-00-EE  
16-JC-S-T-22-00 16-JF-S-B-10-00 16-KF-F-B-00-00 16-DF-F-B-00-00-AZ 16-TF-B-0-00-00
16-JC-S-Y-10-00 16-JF-S-B-31-00 16-KF-F-Y-10-00 16-DF-F-Y-40 16-TF-B-0-10-00
16-JC-S-Y-10-AC 16-JF-S-S-00-00 16-KF-S-B-00-00   16-TF-B-0-10-CY
16-JC-S-Y-30-00 16-JF-T-0-00-00 16-KF-T-0-00-00    
16-JC-T-0-00-00 16-JF-T-0-10-00 16-KF-T-B-00-00    
16-JC-T-S-00-00 16-JF-T-T-00-00      
16cModel 16C-1/16 DIN Auto Tuning Full Featured Controller for Precise Set-Point Control_Data Sheet
Features:  Field-Configurable Universal Inputs;8-Level Ramp-Soak Control; On/Off Through Full PID Operation
16C-B-F-0-00-00 16C-C-F-0-00-00 16C-R-B-B-10-00 16C-T-F-B-10-00  
16C-B-F-B-10 16C-C-F-B-10-00 16C-R-S-B-41-00 16C-T-S-0-31-00  
16C-B-F-B-45-AD-CY 16C-C-F-B-60-00   16C-T-S-F-31-00  
16C-B-S-0-00-00 16C-C-F-F-10-00      
18Model 18, 19-1/8 DIN Ramp/Soak Controller_Data Sheet
Features:  18-Vertical Controller; 19-Horizonal Controller; Thermocouple, RTD, Voltage or Current Input
  Dual Outputs/Dual Alarm Capabilities; User Selectable Ramp to Set Point; On/Off Full PID
18-JF-0-F-B-B-0-0S-0-E0 18-DC-0-B-B-B-0-00-00 19-JC-T-0-T-T-A-00-0-AC 19-L3-0-0-B-B-0-00-0-00  
18-JF-B-0-0-0-0-00-0-00 18-DC-F-T-T-T-0-A0-0-00      
18-JF-B-B-0-0-0-00-0-00 18-DC-S-0-B-B-0-00-0-00 19-JF-B-0-0-0-0-00-0-00 19-TC-B-T-0-0-0-00-0-00  
18-JF-F-0-0-0-0-00-0-00 18-DC-F-0-B-B-0-00-0-AL 19-JF-S-F-T-B-A-00-0-00 19-TC-B-T-0-0-0-00-0-AC  
18-JF-F-0-0-0-0-0S-0-D0   19-JF-S-F-T-T-0-00-0-00    
18-JF-F-0-0-0-0-S0-0-00 18-DF-0-0-0-0-0-00-0-00 19-JF-T-0-0-0-0-00-0-00    
18-JF-T-0-0-0-0-00-0-00 18-L4-F-0-B-0-0-00-0-00      
18CModel 18C, 19C-1/8 DIN Full Featured Temperature Process Controller_Data Sheet
Features:  18C-Vertical Controller; 19C-Horizonal Controller; Field-Configurable Universal Inputs;
  Dual Outputs/Dual Alarm Capabilities
18C-B-F-0-0-0-0-00-0-FC 18C-C-F-0-0-0-00-0-00 18C-R-S-0-0-0-0-00-0-00 19C-T-S-T-B-B-AS-F-0-GC  
18C-B-F-0-0-0-0-CY-0-FC 18C-C-F-0-0-0-0-AS-0-D0 18C-R-S-0-B-0-A-00-0-00    
18C-B-S-S-0-B-B-00-0-00 18C-C-F-0-B-B-0-AS-0-DO-GC      
25Model 25-1/4 DIN Ramp/Soak Controller_Data Sheet
Features:  Thermocouple, RTD, Voltage, or Current Input; Auto-Tuning-Heat or Cool;
  Dual Output/Dual Alarm Capabilities; Field-Configurable Process, Deviation, or Latching Alarms
25-JC-B-0-0-0-0-00-0-00 25-JF-B-B-B-0-B-00-0-00 25-JF-T-0-B-0-0-00-0-00 25-KC-B-0-B-0-00-0-AW 25-KF-F-0-0-0-00-0-00
25-JC-F-0-T-T-A-00-0-00 25-JF-B-B-B-0-00-0-00 25-JF-T-0-B-B-0-00-0-00   25-KF-F-0-0-0-00-0-RC
25-JC-F-0-T-T-A-00-0-AC 25-JF-B-B-B-B-0-00-0-00 25-JF-T-0-T-T-0-00-0-00 25-KF-B-0-B-0-00-0-00 25-KF-F-0-0-0-B0-0-00
25-JC-F-T-T-T-A-00-0-00 25-JF-F-0-0-0-0-00-0-00   25-KF-B-0-T-0-00-0-00 25-KF-F-0-T-T-00-0-00
25-JC-S-0-0-0-0-00-0-00 25-JF-F-0-B-0-0-00-0-00 25-L5-F-0-0-0-0-00-0-00 25-KF-B-T-T-0-00-0-00 25-KF-F-T-T-0-00-0-00
25-JC-S-0-B-0-0-00-0-00 25-JF-F-0-B-B-0-00-0-00     25-KF-S-0-0-0-00-0-00
25-JC-T-F-T-T-T-A0-0-00 25-JF-F-B-F-F-0-00-0-00 25-DC-F-0-T-T-A0-0-EE    
  25-JF-S-0-0-0-0-00-0-00     25-PC-F-0-B-0-00-0-00
  25-JF-S-0-0-0-0-00-0-RC 25-DF-F-0-0-0-00-0-00    
  25-JF-S-0-B-0-0-00-0-00 25-DF-F-0-B-0-OP-0-A0    
  25-JF-S-0-B-B-0-00-0-00 25-DF-S-S-0-0-00-0-00    
25cModel 25C-1/4 DIN Full Featured Temperature Process Controller_Data Sheet
25C-B-F-0-0-0-00-00 25C-T-F-0-0-0-00-00 25C-T-S-0-0-0-AS-E0    
25C-B-F-0-B-0-00-00 25C-T-F-0-T-T-A0-00 25C-T-S-0-B-0-00-00    
25C-B-S-S-B-B-B0-00 25C-T-F-T-T-B-00-00 25C-T-S-0-B-B-OS-E0    
25C-B-T-T-B-B-B0-00 25C-T-F-T-T-T-A0-00      
  25C-T-F-T-T-T-AP-DO 25C-T-T-0-0-0-00-00    
25C-R-T-0-B-0-00-00 25C-T-F-T-T-T-OS-EO 25C-T-T-0-0-0-00-PA    
32cModel 32C-1/32 DIN Universal Temperature/Process Controller_Data Sheet
Features:  Alarm Inhibit Mode, Accurate Closed-Loop Control of Process Variables, Auto-Turning, Heat or Cool
  Thermocouple, RTD, Voltage or Current Input, Dual Output/Alarm Capabilities
  32C-U-B-T-0 32C-T-B-T-0    
4c Model 4C-Full Feature Universal Multi-Loop PID_Data Sheet
Features:   Offer Up to 4 Loops of PID Control, PID Loop Capable of Being Independently Auto-Turned 
  Interface with PLC's and PC's, Universal Thermocouple, RTD or Linear Puts, User-Configurable
  Vertical or Horizontal Display Orientations.
multicomMulti_Comm-Remote Monitoring and Control Software with All Infinity with Modbus_Data Sheet
Features:  Control up to 100 Temperature or Process Controllers; Pull-Down Menus & Pop-Up Windows;
  Automatic Controller Detection; Multiple Operator Security; Display Graph Window; Storage & Retrieval;
  User-Defined 10-Character Controller Labels
1zcSeries 1ZC-DIN Rail Type Controller_Data Sheet
Features:   Miniature DIN Rail Mountable, Stackable to Required Zones, Each Zone Independently Powered 
  RS485 Modbus Serial Communications, Auto-Tune, Loop Break Alarm, Pluggable Terminal Block
  1ZC-T-S-B-B-00 1ZC-T-F-0-B-00    
OTCOTC25 1/4 DIN General Purpose Digital Controller_Data Sheet
Features:  Microprocessor Based-Accepts "J" or "K" Inputs, Adjustable Output Hysteresis, Adjustable Deviation Alarm;
  Selectable for Either Set-Point or Process Temperature; NEMA 4X Front Bezel, Splash-Proof and Resistant to Dust;
  Ordered as Either a PID, Limit, or On/Off Controller
2000Series 2000 1/4 DIN Full Feature Analog Controller_Data Sheet
Features:    Thermocouple or RTD Input; Adjustable Bandwidth and Reset; Adjustable High/Low Alarm;
  Linearized Analog Set-Point, Noise-Immune Analog Circuitry, Optional PID
  Simple to Use - No Programming Required
  2000-B-0-0-01F 2000-F-0-0-01C-019    
  2000-B-0-0-08F 2000-L-0-0-16F    
  2000-B-0-0-16F 2000-S-0-0-08F    
4000Series 4000 1/4 DIN Analog Temperature Controller_Data Sheet
Features:  Noise-Immune Analog Circuitry; Filtered Digital LED Display with 1 or 0.1 Readability Available;
  25-Turn Set-Point-Optional Second Alarm Set-Point; Adjustable Bandwidth, Manuel Rest to Eliminate Offset Error;
  Choice of Standard Outputs; 3-mode PID and FM-Approved Limit Controller Available
  4000-B-0-0-05C 4000-F-0-0-01F 4000-S-0-0-01F  
  4000-B-E-0-05C 4000-F-C-0-01F 4000-T-0-0-01F  
  4000-B-0-0-01F 4000-F-E-0-01F    
86Series 86 Non-Indicating Controller, Adjustable Proportional Band_Data Sheet
Features:  Thermocouple or RTD Input; Field Changeable Control Outputs: Relay, SS relay or Pulsed Voltage
  Differential On/Off to Proportional Control via Simple Adjustment; Fail-Safe in Open Sensor Conditions;
  Options:  Set-Point, Limit Controller, Solid-State Controller
  86-A-B-02F-000 86-B-B-02C-000 86-D-B-10F 86-L-B-01C
  86-A-B-03F-000 86-B-B-01F-000 86-D-B-16F 86-L-B-03C
  86-A-B-16F-000 86-B-B-08F-000 86-D-B-03C 86-L-B-05C
  86-A-B-01C-000     86-L-B-01F
88Series 88 Electronic Non-Indicating Temperature Controller_Data Sheet
Features:  On/Off or Time Proportioning; 20 Amp Relay Output; Fail-Safe on Open Sensor, No Calibration Necessary;
  Thermocouple Input;, Track Mounted;, Cooling Processes; Limit Control Option
  88-A-A-05C-000 88-B-A-16F 88-L-A-01F  
1939Series 19 & Series 39 SCR Power Controllers_Data Sheet
Features:  Extended Heater Life; Eliminates Thermal Sock; Diagnostic Indicators; Self-Synchronizing to Line Frequency;
  Isolated Heat Sinks; Full Protection Against Line Voltage Spikes; Compact Design
zcSeries ZC/PC Solid State Contactors_Data Sheet
Features:  Single-Pole, Normally Open, Switching Device with No Moving Parts; Extends Heater Life; Reduces Thermal Shock;
  All Solid-State Design; No Maintenance Required, Phase Angle Fire or Zero-Voltage
PC12-15-0-S-A PC24-15-1-S PC24-25-0-0
  PC12-15-V PC24-15-V PC24-25-0-S  
  PC12-25-0-0 PC24-15-0-0 PC24-25-1-0  
scSeries SC & Su Solid-State Staging Controller_Data Sheet
Features:  Solid-State Output Stages; Up-Down or Circular Mode; Logic Status Lights; Field Changeable, Plug-In Circuits Boards;
  Versatile Current, Voltage, or Resistance Inputs; 10-Stage Capacity; Fused Output Stages; Optically Isolated Input
90Series 90-Manual Station Temperature Controller_Data Sheet
Features:  Non-Indicating Manual Station for Low Cost Open Loop Control; Manual Setting on SCR Power Controllers;
  Fully Variable 4-20mA dc or 20V Pulse Width Modulation Output
Includes:  Circuit Board, Mounting Track, Dial Potentiometer with 48 Leads Scale, Knob, & Female Contacts
ttcTTC-001 Time Temperature Controller_Data Sheet
Features:  Single Thermistor Input; Dual Relay Outputs; Three Discreet Indicators; Audible Alarm; 4 Digit LED Display;
  Single Rotating Control Knob with Five Snap Action Push Buttons; F/C Selectable Ranges; 115/230V Selectable Power