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IPInternational Power DC Power Supply

This leading manufacture of open frame linear power supplies offer high reliability supplies manufactured in the United States. 
The 100VAC to 240VAC universal input range allow the use of one power supply worldwide. 
RoHS Statement           Inventory
  • Single Output Selection-6 Watts to 400 Watts
  5 Volt Output
          IHA5-1.2/OVP, IHA5-1.5/OVP, IHB5-3/OVP, IHC5-6/OVP, IHD5-12/OVP, IHN5-9/OVP, IHE5-18/OVP, IF5-25/OVP, IG5-35/OVP, ICP197
12 Volt Output
           IHA15-0.5, IHA15-0.9, IHB12-1.7, IHC12-3.4, IHN12-5.1, IHD12-6.8, IHE12-10.2, IF1215
15 Volt Output
           IHA15-0.5, IHA15-0.9, IHB15-1.5, IHC15-3.0, IHN15-4.5, IHD15-6.0, IHE15-9.0, IF15-15
24 Volt Output
           IHA24-0.5, IHB24-1.2, IHC24-2.4, IHN24-3.6, IHD24-4.8, IHE24-7.2, IF24-12
28 Volt Output
          IHA24-0.5, IHB28-1.0, IHC28-2.0, IHN28-3.0, IHD28-4.0, IHE28-6.0, IF24-12
48 Volt Output
          IHB48-0.5, IHC48-1.0, IHD48-3.0, IHE48-4.0, IF48-8.0
100-265 Volt Output
          IHB120-0.2, IHB155-0.12, IHB200-0.12, IHB250-0.1
  • Dual Output Selection-15 Watts to 115.2 Watts
           IHAA5-1.5/OVP, IHAA15-0.8, IHAA24-0.6, IHAA512, IHAA524, IHAD12-0.4, IHAD15-0.4
           IHBB5-3/OVP, IHBB15-1.5, IHBB24-1.2, IHBB512, IHCC5-6/OVP, IHCC15-3.0, IHCC24-2.4, IHCC512
           IHD12-6.8-504, IHDD15-5.0
  • Triple Output-16 Watts to 150 Watts

         IHTAA-16W, IHBAA-40W, IHCAA-60W, IHCBB-75W, IHBCC512, IHBCC524, IHDBB-105W, 1HDCC-150W, ICP131

  • Disk Drive Linears-58 Watts to 114 Watts

           ICP323, ICP162, ICP379, ICP384

  • IP500U Series-360 Watts to 494 Watts & Over-Voltage Protectors:

           IP500U-12, IP500U-24, IP500U-36, IP500U-48, IP500U-65, IP500U-75

  • Over-Voltage Protectors

          IAR5-0.6/OVP, IOVP-12, IOVP-24

      Special Order Options Include:

  • AC/DC Harness
  • Sheet Metal Modifications
  • Voltage & Current Modifications
  • Terminal Blocks
  • Hardware Installation
  • Line Cord/Fuse Holder
  • Output Terminal Variations

Units have a two (2) year warranty, √RoHS1-5/6 lead in solder exemption,  and meet the following safety approvals:  UL Recognized: File# E3133338, CSA Certified: File# LR52143, and TUV Licensed (details available on IEC-950, VDE-0806, and UL1950).  The supplies meet VDE, UL, CSA, BPO, IEC, CEE and ECMA safety requirements.